Trail rides and sweetness.

Another post! :D

Today we went on a nice trail ride with Red and a friend. :) We hung around the barn, worked in the round pen, then hit the awesome trails that surround the farm. We brushed him out really good, tacked him up and headed out! (I snuck him a treat, too.)

We rode for around over an hour. Before we hit the trails, I trotted around in the round pen to work him a little. :) We had some good time in the pen and I worked on reining and also getting him to listen to me. He has this habit of wanting to get super stubborn randomly and not listening to me. I've been working on my confidence when it comes to MAKING him go the way I want to go and it's helped a ton.

Once we were done riding, we took him back to the round pen, unsaddled him and brushed him out again so he wouldn't be all sweaty, then I worked on getting him to follow me without any tack, just to follow. I clucked my tongue and made circles around the pen several times. He'd follow me around without any words, just a couple clucks of my tongue, then I'd turn, tell him to stop, he'd stop and I'd give him a treat. :)

A "between the ears" picture!

Red and I!

Red. <3


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