Skip and challenges.

The WHOLE herd!
Okay, so the next challenge was to upload a picture of a ribbon I won, but since I don't show, I don't have ribbons. :D So I'm going to skip to the next one. I'll be tellin' you about my barn today! :D

Most of ya'll know how I ended up boarding, so I'm not going to drone on about that now. :)) 

The place I board at isn't a boarding facility. It is owned by a SUPER nice older man who rents out some of his property (he has a lot) to two other people (not counting myself) so they can put their horses there. He wanted horses, but didn't want the upkeep, so he started renting it out. :) One lady there does the feeding (Her and I go riding a lot) and does most of the taking care of the horses when I or the other man can't be there. One of the men there is a great Christian man who I get along with so well. We have super similar morals and values, and I love it! It's pretty much just a big family there. I still leave there sometimes thinking, "HOW did I get so blessed?" It's so wonderful!

Part of the herd.

One of Red's "Girlfriends!" She is an older lady. Her name is Dixie. She's got the personality of a sweet southern lady! (Straight from Dixie, of course!)

This is Chip! One of the two Appaloosa's at the barn. He's the alpha. He used to chase Red around and hurt him, but one day Red decided to fight back! (That's very unlike Red! He's normally lazy and calm!) Chip never bothered Red again!

This is Jericho, he is a Mustang! He loves to lick!!!

The herd!!

Tucker and Hercules playing.

Me riding Patches, the other Appaloosa. She's a sweetie.

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