Sorry I missed a day. :/ (And MERRY ALMOST CHRISTMAS!)

Hey guys! sorry I missed yesterday's challenge... It was a BUSY day! :( :( I had to go get like three teeth filled and they were KILLING me the rest of the day because they had to go super close to a nerve. :( But now I'm just sore.. I tried to post but I literally couldn't think of anything else but my darned teeth. I'll make it up to you though.... :)

I'm going to do two challenges today since I missed yesterdays. I'll do today's challenge and yesterday's.

First off is....number 9. Any injuries you have gotten while riding!! :)

Okay, so, I haven't fallen off yet (I say yet because I'm planning on riding and having horses for a LOOONG time and I know that my time shall come eventually!) but I have gotten a couple dings and scratches. Once, I was riding in the round pen and Red decided to run my leg into one of the pieces of railing...my knee and ankle (I had sprained the ankle badly previously...) hurt like crazy afterwards. :)) Then, when trying to mount bareback, I slammed my elbow into his withers (It didn't faze him, though. I freaked out over it thinking I hurt him, but I didn't.) my elbow had a huge bruise on it the next day and hurt pretty bad. :/ Other than those little mishaps, the only other thing is that Red likes to try to run into branches, apparently, so I've gotten my fair share of scratches on those. :)) My feet have been stepped on quite a few times, too. :))

Next is "Number 10: How does your family and friends feel about your riding?"
My family is SUPER supportive....well, most of them. I have a couple that just think it's a phase, and a couple that are terrified of horses and think I should be too. :)) My mom has always been supportive, but we just weren't able to have a horse before, so she had always tried to get me away from the horse thing because she didn't want to let me down. But I was able to get Red, so all is well! :D She has had too many horses to count! She barrel raced and did a lot of western riding (Mostly barrel's or just pleasure riding) she's used to have an Appaloosa that she'd literally race cars with. :)) Getting Red was difficult for her at first because horses were literally ripped away from her, and they were pretty much her get-away from everything, but she's enjoying it now, as I am, and I know she's happy to have Red and loves him! :) Red was actually related to one of her previous horses

. :) My step-dad is very supportive! He's one of those guys that, if my mom and I asked for the fanciest, most expensive horse, he'd find a way to get him or her for us. He's not the "cowboy type" but he's embraced our farm life so sweetly and happily, and is always wanting to go to the barn. He's not been able to ride Red yet, but he is getting impatient! :) He loves Red! My friends are pretty supportive,  but they honestly don't get involved with the horse thing too much. :)

Oh, and before I go, here's a picture of Red with reindeer ears to brighten your day up a little: (I think he'd be too lazy to pull Santa's sleigh, though....But my nephew does think that he is one of Santa's helpers...LOL!)

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