Missed a day! :(

Sorry I missed a day guys, my internet was out! But I'm back! I'll do yesterday's challenge and today's. :)

So, the last time I rode a horse I rode Red, and I went trail riding. First we worked in the round pen, then we headed out! :) Me and my mom doubled for awhile, and a friend at the barn went with us with her horse Bay-Bay. :) I got a lot of compliments on my doubling skills. :) (For those of you who don't know, doubling is when someone sits on the saddle (If you are using one, lol!) and someone sits behind them.) Red has a super rough trot, and my hands were so sore from holding onto the back of the saddle. We went up a few hills (Big hills, lol!) and trotted up them, let me tell you, my hands were bruised, but I never moved from my place. :D I'll have to post a video later of his trot, maybe today, because I'm riding later. :)

Next challenge is "My most accomplished horse" and I'm going to talk a little about my mini, Barbie, that I had before I got Red. She was NOT tame at all, and mostly wild, but I worked with her every day for hours at a time and she improved so much. We put some weight on her, and made her into a show horse. She still had some issues when we got rid of her, but she had improved SO much. Now, I'm gonna talk about Red. When we got Red from my aunt, he didn't look good. He received great care from my aunt and her family, but he wasn't meant to be in Florida with all of the bugs and sun and etc. He needed to be in a slightly colder climate with less bugs because he had such bad allergies. We got him and immediately started giving him oils to improve his skin, different feeds, all of that, and by the time we got done with him, he was super hot from the oils, which we got settled fairly quickly. (But not before a saddling issue that made me freak out! See a previous post about that.)  Now, he looks like he does now, and is still improving. :) We also have such a great bond, and I think that is an accomplishment in itself. :)

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