I decided to talk a little more about today's challenge and just HOW Red has impacted my life. :)

Firstly, let me tell you something about me. I am a HUGE hypo-hypochondriac. I stress about every thing and I make myself sick in the end. I am so anxious. There have been times when I have literally just told myself I am insane and there is something wrong with me. I have days that I make myself so sick, but the moment I see the barn, my worries fly away and I feel perfect.

Red is kind of an anchor. He keeps me calm and keeps me...not anxious. Hahaha! My life has changed so drastically ever since I got him. I've met such nice people that I have a feeling will be friends for a longggg time. I've had the chance to literally LIVE my dream.

The day we met. <3

My life has changed, but it's been amazing, and I can't tell you how much I love that horse.

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