So, we had a pretty large storm yesterday.

It was windy, and rained HARD without a break, I've heard that there was some hail some places also. The wind actually toppled over a tractor trailer! Serious wind!!! Our power went out around 7:30 P.M (We missed the last thirty minutes of a Christmas movie, too. :P) and my step-sister was over at the house, so that was kind of blah worthy. Sadly her visit was cut short. :( We live literally in the boonies so we are always the last people that the worker people get to, so we were hoping and praying that a power line didn't fall, and our house was just being stupid. Our house is really old and we have power outages like mad. Even if it's just raining lightly outside. Power goes out. We get bummed. Power comes back. We get happy. Power goes back out. And so on. :)) Our power stayed out until about 1 A.M, maybe later, actually, I was half asleep so I have no idea. :)) The house got freezing cold, so I bundled up in fleece pajamas and piled up the quilts on my bed. But my real worry wasn't for me, it was for my poor animals. :( The goats were all bundled up together in the shed that we built, they slept in the feeding trough together. They normally hate each other and never sleep near each other, but the cold has pushed them together. We have two stalls that are closed off from each other, so Thunder will sleep in the smaller one and Rainbow will sleep in the bigger one in her feeding trough, but they were together all night. Thankfully, the shed kept them safe and warm as possible, and they were the first ones to venture out after the storm. They are outside eating their breakfast that I just took them and didn't give the storm a second thought. :)) Then, I worried about Red and the other horses. I know that they are fine, they have over 35 acres to roam, and the trails are pretty safe, too, and the barn is normally left open for them to go out and in as they please, but I still worried. thankfully, they are fine. Phew.

Did you guys have storms?

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