Challenge 13.

Today's challenge is "Find a picture of your worst riding." and I was kind of stumped for this one.... :P I honestly haven't been actually riding long enough to have really bad incidents just yet, but I guess this picture will do:
This picture was taken on one of the best days ever. This was the day that I first met Red (Before I knew that we were possible going to get him) and my aunt and cousins (and mom and Jeff, mom rode but Jeff didn't.) went on a trail ride. It was a good ride, but since I hadn't been on a horse in quite a number of years, I was super rusty and Red had fun taking advantage of that. He ran me into a few trees, he kept attempting to trot with me, and he kept doing "mini bucks." He'd lift his back feet a little, and I of course was scared that he'd actually buck. But it was a great day all the same, and that was the day I fell in love with him!!!! This was probably my worst riding because I was purely an amateur.

Later that day, we hung out with family and then went back to Jeff's parents house (Oh, Jeff is my step-dad for those of you who don't know, LOL!) and I was honestly so upset that Red would soon be sold to someone else. Then, a week of torture and not knowing what would happen to my new buddy (I knew my Aunt would put him in a fantastic home, but it was still sad for me.) I found out that we were going to take him! :)

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