Challenge 14.

So, the challenge for today is to tell you about my dream barn or farm, but I honestly have to say that I wouldn't change where I board for the world. I'm great friends with everyone, the barn isn't the nicest, but it does it's job and then some, it's not glamorous, but neither am I. Honestly, would I want to have to dress up to go to a barn?? Nope!!! The fee is a good price, it's less than four miles away from where I live, I'm free to ride other horses if I want to (I wouldn't without asking, but that's just me. Lol!) and I just love it! Sure, an indoor arena or something like that would be nice to have, but I'm perfectly content with where I'm at. :) I wouldn't change it!!! There are over 35 acres of green, grassy pastures, and there are MILES of trails that I can take Red on without even leaving the farm. I love it!
This is a ten acre pasture that all of the horses love to be in. This is the herd! I think one horse is missing, but she may be there somewhere. :) Red is the horse on the left, the only Bay that is visible. :)

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