So, it's been really cold the last two days! It never got above 30 degrees yesterday, and today it's barely been 40 degrees. :P My mom has a hard time with cold weather, so it's been hard to get to the barn, but I finally talked everyone into it and went for a little tiny visit. :) We stayed for about twenty minutes, the baby was in the van with Jeff so we were limited. :/ I took a few pictures of the cuddly horses and took a couple cute ones of Red. :)



Mom and Patches.

Three of the four girls. Patches on the left, Bay-Bay, and Dixie.
I wore a Santa hat almost all day while we last minute shopped and I randomly decided to make Red my model.
He loves the attention.

Merrrry Christmassss!
And here's another one of Red.
How can he get SOOOO muddy???? I brush him SO. MUCH, but you'd never know it. :)) He loves rolling. :P :P :) I love him anyways!

If I get too busy and miss posts during this Christmas time, I promise I'll make it up to ya'll. Life's gonna be busy for about four days!!!!

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