So, my family just got back from Georgia to celebrate Thanksgiving with my step-dad's family. Tons of fun. They have a boat. :D Anyways, I had to be away from Red for a little over four days.:(  I normally see him about every day, so it was a sad change. :( So anyways, the day we got home, I went to the barn with my mom, but not before I opened a package that my cousin-in-law and aunt had sent me! They sent five 4-H books, two Heartland books, and an amazing handmade stocking made by Uniquely Different Horse Tail Extensions. (http://www.facebook.com/uniquelydifferenttails) This girl (My cousin-in-law) is AMAZING!! She makes tons of awesome stuff for horses!!! Check her out on Facebook. She delivers, I think. :) She works from Florida, but they are moving to Tennessee soon.

Aint it cute???? I love it!!! Super well made.

Anyways, we went to the barn and I rushed to Red, he saw me and started whinnying in his stall (It was feeding time, so all the horses were stalled up, ready to eat.) and trying to get me. I grabbed four treats (apple flavored! His favorite!) and got my brush and mane/tail comb, then walked in his stall while he waited for food. I brushed him out really good and he was being so sweet, lovey and snuggly!!! He kept putting his head on my shoulder and whinnying really quietly. ♥ I leaned down to brush his legs and he rested his head on my back. My mom was in the stall next to me with one of Red's "girlfriends" named Bay-Bay. We were thinking that she could be pregnant, and mom was checking her teats and sure enough, milk squirted out! We're having a vet come out today around 4:30, so we're gonna run down there along with the horse's owner because we are on pins and needles!!! She was possibly bred to a Dapple Grey Thoroughbred, and she is a QH. She's a Bay (But not a true Bay she has two white legs.) and her mother was a Buckskin. We're excited to see the outcome of all this.

And here's the fatty!!! <3 He's so sweet. His mane has grown a lot, too!
Not the *BEST* mane picture in the world but you get the gist of it. It used to stick straight up and didn't come close to laying down. It's growing really fast, so I'm eager to see what he'll look like this Spring. I've always loved super long tails and super long manes, so I'm really excited that it's growing so much.

I'm really excited about the bond that we've developed! I was nervous about the whole growing a bond thing because Red had been in ONE home for almost his whole life (Eight of his ten years!) and I was worried that maybe he wouldn't bond with me as great as he had bonded with his previous owner. I've always wanted to have a friendship based relationship with my horses, I of course believe that you HAVE to set boundaries and make the horse respect you, but I didn't want my horse to walk behind me, or in front of me. But I want us to walk TOGETHER! He must have boundaries, he MUST have respect for me. He is over 1,000 pounds! He is a ginormous animal that could harm me on purpose or accidentally. It's my job as the owner of my horse to make sure he NEVER hurts anyone under my watch. If he ever hurt someone because I hadn't set boundaries, I would be devastated. But I've always wanted a great bond, where Red prefers me over anyone else. That when he sees me walk through the barn he gets excited to see me. I've worked hard to develop a nice bond, and I think I've succeeded very well!!!

Sorry I haven't updated as usually as would be preferred, I have my other blog, and my life is crazy!

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