Blech week.

This week has been insanely busy. Seriously. I have barely even gotten to see Red. :(

We went to the barn Sunday evening with my step-sister Megan and her two little boys, and let them sit on one of the horses (Dixie, a sweet old Buckskin) and they loved it. We got there during feeding time so all of the horses were just getting stalled up.

Here's Red "patiently" waiting for his dinner. :) Actually, he was patient for dinner. Just not so patient to see his second girlfriend Dixie walk through the barn door. :)) He already had one of his gals in the stall next to him but he wanted both of his girls! :))

So I turned my back on Red to go see Jericho, a mustang (SWEET HORSE! :D) and he got jealous. :)) He started nudging and licking me, I turn around and then is what I see. I can totally hear him saying in some deep voice, "Hey mom" :))

Here's Chip trying to run away from his stall. :))

And here's Trigger. :) He's so sweet.

Did I post the picture of "Red-olph"? Because I can't remember.

Here it is. :) I put a reindeer headband on him! He puts up with so much. :)) Oh, and by the way. HE IS GROWING A STRIPE! See that snip and stripe? He didn't have that before. Ever. His star is even getting bigger! Have you ever heard of a ten year old horse randomly develop a stripe? :/

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