Am I the only one who gets that wave of pride when you see every horse acting up, but your horse is being perfect? When the new farrier you just started using looks at your horse and says "What  a pretty boy!" and says that he or she has such a nice personality? I get that feeling all the time. The other day, when we (We being the people at the barn and my family) were talking about where to put the two new colts and the filly, one of the ladies at the barn, the owner of most of the horses there and one of the filly's, said that they were going to put three of their best horses in with the babies, one of them being Red. I immediately was like, yep. My horse is a good boy. :)

As ya'll know, last Saturday Red was taken out of his temporary retirement of sorts and everyone was wondering how he'd act after not being rode for over a month, other than my mom, me, and my aunt. :) Well, he did 100% perfect other than some times of laziness, and everyone was so proud of him. :) More of that "motherly pride." 

We had a new farrier come out, well, new for me, and got him to trim Red's hooves. He had previously put new shoes on an Appaloosa (Patches.) and they had to sedate her because she apparently HATES farriers. Before he shoed her, he had to check out and trim one of the colts hooves and I felt bad for him. :)) The colt did very well for his first time, but of course, it's a colt through-and-through, so the farrier (Cody, I believe) had a rough time with him. Once he started on Red, he looked up at me and said, "Thanks for having a calm horse." :D Red acted like he was loving the attention. :)

Anyways, I'm gonna go out and ride tomorrow, and hopefully maybe even on Sunday if time and weather permits.  My little nephew Noah is obsessed with horses (JUST LIKE HIS AUNT! ;D) and he hasn't seen Red in awhile, so we want to get him out there along with his brother Asher so they can see all of the horses. My sister, Megan, the boys mommy, was looking into getting him into lessons because he loves the horses so much. Isn't it awesome seeing your little nephews/nieces/son/daughter or whatever loving the horses? It makes me proud. :)


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