So my mom and I (and a friend and her horse later on) took Red out of the round pen on Sunday! First, we rode him around in the pen for a few minutes, then broke out and took him to the four acre pasture and closed the gate so the other horses wouldn't bug us. Me and my mom doubled for awhile, then I took over. Red was insistent on trotting, mostly when he saw the gate and thought he was going home. Lol! We trotted around for a few minutes, then I walked around the edges of the pasture. He saw the leaves start falling and spooked a little. He sidestepped away from it then trotted over to the other end of the fence. :)) No bucking or rearing.... Which is good because I probably wouldn't have been able to stay on. A friend from the barn who owns a lot of the horses and feeds them came over about 30 minutes later and got the horses stalled up for us (We feel funny about stalling them up, especially when they aren't our horses.) then tacked up her horse, Bay-Bay, and we went on the long trails around the barn. :) The place where we board has really nice trails and over 35 acres of pure pasture and trails. There is also about a 15 acre piece of pasture that we rode around in for a few minutes to get Bay-Bay calmed down. She hadn't been rode for awhile (She scared us by thinking she was preggo!! Haha!) so she was fairly wild. :)) Then she got settled down and we were good to go! This has been one of the best rides I've had with Red. He listened so good, never just stumped up on me, and my newfound reining abilities helped a lot. :)) I've been inspired by the kind of Native American approach of controlling the horse.

Showing off his new stripe!!

This is my favorite! He is giving me a hug. <3

Working in the round pen (See that mane, IT'S GROWING!)

Mom, Red and I's shadows.

Leaving the round pen.

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