Long time no see! :)

Wow. I haven't updated in FOR-EV-ER. I apologize for my lack of posts, life's been so hectic!!!Anyways, Red is doing SO well in the new boarding facility, and has two new buds, a Bay Mare, and a Buckskin Mare, the Bay's name is Bay (Or Baybay) and the Buckskin is named Dixie. He had some rough times with a couple of the other geldings, especially with an Appaloosa named Chip (not to be mistaken with Patches!) and has a hoof mark on his back and a couple others that aren't as bad on his leg and his butt area, but now they seem to be getting along a lot better so we aren't expecting anymore fights. I haven't been able to ride him because of the injury on his back, but it's healing super well so I should be able to be back in the saddle in a couple days. I could probably ride today, but we may be too busy today..... :/ And then the weather is getting chillier and rainy so yeah. :(

I did get some great visiting time the day before yesterday, though. I got to cuddle on Red and hang out for awhile, then the lady (Ann) who takes care of the horses offered to let me ride her Appaloosa (Patches, not Chip) since Red is currently "retired" due to the hoof mark. 

I was honestly a little nervous at first because Patches always seems a bit jumpy when I go up to pet her and talk to her, and Chip had almost left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak when it comes to Appy's. Not saying Appaloosa's are bad tempered, but they do have a big personality, normally. Well, I got on her and she was so amazing. She went slow until I gained my confidence up, and we slowly started going faster. :) She listened so well reminded me a lot of Red because she was a little lazy, haha! She and Red both have a problem with randomly stumping up, but that of course was fine because I'm used to it. :D

A couple days before Red got his teeth floated and we got a bean out. We're expecting him to gain a little more weight now because he was losing a lot of grain when he ate (Which is why he needed his teeth floated) and he's already acting like he feels a lot better from getting the bean out.

Poor guy was so sedated. :( It was really neat to be able to watch it be done, though. The vet was sweet enough to come to the "farm" and do it instead of us having to trailer him and take him, too. 

Red kept holding his head really low, and his ears peeking over the stall door was adorable. He is WAY taller than that door! LOL!

But the visit was bittersweet. Shamus, a pony that Red had made good friends with, was put down due to age. He was 25 years old, maybe even older, and it was getting hard for him. He was doomed to a life in a stall, and that isn't fair. Rest in peace, Shamus.

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