Wow I haven't posted in forever.

Well, I haven't posted in a long time! :O

I'll give ya'll an update! :)

So, Red is doing great and getting along with every single horse now. Him and Chip (The gelding who originally hated Red!) are still having some arguments, but nothing bad at all. He has made friends with a Buckskin named Dixie and a Bay named Baybay, and they follow each other around 24/7! I'm hoping to go ride him today (First time in awhile) now that the gash on his back is healed. 

Exciting news! The three owners of the barn have three foals! They bought two yesterday, and one today. I've seen all but one. They are TWH (Tennessee Walking Horses) and their names are (So far) Bella, Trigger and Raven. 

Bella is a buttermilk Buckskin (Five months I think) Trigger is a 10 month old Palamino (he's a boy) and Raven is black (I think Raven is a girl, not positive)

I'll post pictures later! :)

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