Today was a great day for Red in some instances, and a bad one in other instances.

Today, Red got his teeth floated because he was losing a lot of grain when eating, now that the teeth are all fixed up, he should continue to gain a lot of weight.

He also got a bean removed. It was fairly small but it was large enough to cause a lot of discomfort and to make him have trouble urinating. PLEASE, if you have a gelding or a stallion, check for beans regularly and clean their sheaths! Beans are small or large clay like balls that get in their sheaths and cause serious discomfort, please call a vet to do it the first time, it is possible to do on your own but you would need someone to teach you and maybe a way to sedate them. We personally sedated Red because we had to float his teeth before. We were very happy that we sedated him because he was NOT happy about the vet reaching around there. :P I wouldn't be either, personally. :))

The sad part was the pony that he bonded with the most, Shamus, had to be put down. He was VERY old, 25+ years, and was having a hard time walking. It was either that or he would have to spend his little life in a stall, and that wasn't fair to him. Rest in peace, little guy, I know the horses and your friends miss you, and I do, too. <3 

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