Horsey Questions.

 Here are some questions I've been asked. :)

1. How old were you when you first started riding?I really JUST started riding a lot.... :D
2. First horse ridden: Squeeky, I think. :)
4. First horse cantered on: Red
5. First horse fallen off of: Never fallen. :)
6. Most recent horse fallen off of:See above question. :D
7. First horse you trotted over poles with: Never done it. :)
8. First horse jumped with? Never jumped.
9. First horse who ran away with you: Hahaha, thankfully that's never happened. :)
10. First horse that scared you like crazy:Red! He had a really bad issue with saddling up.... :/

11. First horse shown: Never shown.
12. First horse to win a class with: See above.
13. Do you/have you taken lessons:Never taken lessons, my mom and the people who own the property I board Red at help me a lot, though.
14. First horse you ever rode bareback: Does doubling count? I always sit on the back (With nothing, just their back) if it does, Red. ;)
15. First horse trail ridden with: My buddy Red!
16. Current Barn name: It actually doesn't have a name. :/
17. Do you ride English or western?: Western.
18. First horse to place at a show with: Never shown.
19. Ever been to horse camp?: Nope!
20. Ever been to a riding clinic? Nope!
22. First horse leased: I've never leased.
23. First horse owned: Red
24. Highest ribbon in a show:Never shown. ;)
25. Ever been to an ‘B’ rated show?: See above.
26. Ever competed in pony games/relay races?  See above. ;)
27. Ever fallen off at a show:See above, ROFL!
28. Do you ride Hunter/Jumpers?:  No.
29. Have you ever barrel raced?: No, but I'd love to.
30. Ever done pole bending?  No, but it's something I'd love to try.
31. Favorite gait: I really don't care about gaits, I currently own a very slow gaited horse, and I prefer the slow gaits, I guess.
32. Ever cantered bareback?: No.
33. Have you ever done dressage?: Nope!
34. Have you ever evented?: Nope!
35. Have you ever mucked a stall?: I own a horse! Of course I've mucked a stall!!!
36. Ever been bucked off?:Thankfully no!
37. Ever been on a horse that reared?: Nope!!
38. Horses or ponies? HORSES!
39. Do you wear a helmet?: Nope. Cowboy hats and baseball caps for this girl.
40. What’s the highest you’ve jumped: Don't jump.
41. Have you ever ridden at night?: yep
42. Do you watch horsey television shows?:Only Heartland, so far.
43. Have you ever been seriously hurt/injured from a fall?: Nope.
44. Have you ever ridden without anything (tack): No.
45. Do you ride in an arena or ring?:No, I love trail riding...But I do use round pens.
46. Have you ever been trampled by a horse?: No.
47. Have you ever been bitten?: Yes.
49. Do you clean your tack regularly?: It depends on how nasty is gets. Red has sensitive skin so I have to sometimes.

And more! :)
[] Hunt Seat
[] Eventing
[] Show Jumping
[] Dressage
[] Side Saddle
[] Saddle Seat
[] Saddlebred
[] Show Hack
[] Reining
[] Western Pleasure (I want to!)
[] Cutting
[] Roping
[] Barrel Racing I'd love to.
[] Rough Stock
[] Harness
[] Polo
[] Polocrosse
[] Vaulting
[] Endurance
[] Foxhunting
[] Racing
[X] Trail Riding

2. Favorite Breed(s):
[x] Akhal-Teke
[X] Paint
[] Saddlebred
[] Warmblood (any type)
[x] Arabian
[] Thoroughbred
[X] Draft (any type)
[X] Fresian
[] Falabella
[] Fjord
[X] Tennessee Walker
[] Lippizan
[] Standardbred
[X] Mustang
[] Welsh
[] Shetland
[] Chincoteague
[] Icelandic
[XX] Appaloosa
[] Pony of the Americas
[XXXX] Quarter horses

3. What do you prefer to do?
[x] Train
[XXXXXX] Ride for fun
[] Compete

4. How long have you been riding? Not long at all!
5. What is your ultimate riding goal? I'd love to barrel race and do western pleasure one day, but my ultimate goal is to just continue to be able to have the ability to ride.
6. Which horsey chore do you least like?
I love everything, lol!
[] mucking stalls
[] scrubbing water buckets
[] sweeping
[] raking
[] grooming
[] cleaning tack
[] barn repairs
[] cooling out
[] bathing
[] braiding

7. First horse…
ridden: Squeeky.

trail ridden: Red
leased: Never leased.
owned: Red.

8. Have you ever…
been to horse camp? No.
ridden sidesaddle? Nope!!
evented? No
mucked a stall? Very often!
been bucked off? Nope.
been on a rearing horse? No
ridden at night? Yes!
been seriously injured from a horse? The worst that's been done to me is been bitten by a mini horse, but nto bad at all. I had jeans with frays around a hole on the knee and she went to nibble on it and bit me. :/
had your foot stepped on by a horse? By my mini I had several times.
been bitten? Yes.

9. What are your riding goals?
To just get better! I of course would always want to really bond with my horse, and I'd love to improve that.
10. What is your favorite horsey memory?First time I went on a trail ride with Red, and yesterday, we saddled Red up for the first time since his "incident" when we saddled him and he acted so hot. I sighed in relief a few times. :))

Why did you buy him? Red was a gift from my Aunt. We connected and he needed to be away from the bugs in Florida due to his skin allergies.
How much did he cost? They gave him to us, but we gave my cousin a very old (And extremely valuable) side saddle.
Was he already trained? yes.
Does he love what he does? He loves being lazy and cuddling and trail riding, so yes. :)
Whats his Favorite human food?Hahaha! Well, he tried to steal the woman's (who takes care of the horses where I board him) potato chip yesterday... :))
Whats his Favorite horse treat? He seems to like the apple cookie things from Tractor Supply a lot!
Has he ever came close to death? Thankfully, no! I'd die if something happened to him.
Ever been sick/injured? His tail was broken once, he's had a couple scrapes and dings, but nothing too bad.
Whats your favorite thing about your horse? His sweet personality and cuddly-ness! :)
Whats his personality like? lazy, stubborn as a mule, attitude, yet very laid back, loves kids and will let you do whatever you want with him. I could do handstands on his back and hang from his neck and he's be fine.
Is he a greenie? Nope. He has had a couple saddling issues,  but once his saddle pinched him and he just remembered.
Does he rear?  never
Does he buck?never
Is he spooky? Nope! Calm as can be.
Does he load easily? Hmmm... last time we loaded him he didn't want to go in, but after a smack on the butt he went right in, and that was after he went from Florida to Tennessee. (Very long trip)
How long have you known him?I've known him vaguely for 8 years.
How long have you Owned Him? got him the 4th of September (2012)

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