1st time saddling up since the "incident"

Just for starters, if you are curious as to what the incident was, read the below post on him almost falling down when we were saddling him. :)

Anyhow, we went down to the boarding place this evening to drop off some supplement we got him for weight gaining and his bridle and reins in case anyone wanted to ride him, or at least try to ride him! We got there, talked for awhile and visited with the owners, then headed up to the pasture where Red and a pony, Shamus, are currently in. The lady, Ann, followed us up there and ended up talking mom into trying to saddle him really quick so she could see how he does, well, we went down there, to the barn, and grabbed one of her saddles (Built for a Quarter Horse) and we tacked him up without 1 single problem! I felt so giddy afterwards, lol! I mounted and sat there, we sadly didn't get to ride because my little brother was getting fussy, and he did ah-mazing! We took the saddle off, no problem, then put a blanket on him since it's supposed to get chilly tonight, and let him eat and me kinda cuddle with him (he loves to cuddle, seriously! He gives hugs.) and then we took him back to the pasture. 

Tonight went so well, and we're going back to ride tomorrow or Saturday, I'm hoping tomorrow because I'm going out with some friends from Church and we may be gone for awhile and my step-dad may be working (it's really hard to go out there when it's just me and mom since one of us has to take care of the baby) so riding Saturday would be more of a challenge. :) Hopefully we get to go back Sunday evening before evening church. :D

I took some pictures with his coat on, he looks awful handsome.

The purple looks great on him, and ironically matched his halter.

Isn't this picture adorable? My mom was leading him to the pasture.

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