Another update on my old man. :D

Red will be heading to the boarding place around noon tomorrow, praying that everything goes great! I'm really excited about where he's going, and the lady is so nice and I'll be able to visit him anytime. :) I still own him. He is 100% MY horse, and that will remain the case for a long, long, long time unless some disaster happens. I'll probably cry a little knowing I won't be able to just look out the window and see him, or hear him whinny in the morning or night when he knows it's food time, but this is for the best, and we didn't have to get rid of him, what a blessing!

Anyways, I'll post more often, once he gets moved I can really focus more on my riding and getting better and moving out of that "amateur" rank I'm in right now. I really want to get really good, but I need to build my confidence up. I trust Red 100% when I'm on him, we've bonded really well and I know that he is wonderful for me, and I hope he loves me just as much as I love him. 

I base my life on the Lord and I live for Him and so horses aren't my #1 priority, but they are my #2. Horses keep me sane. Horses keep me calm. I'm such an anxious person, it's really bad, but I hop on a horse and my worries fly away. I guess Red is kinda like my psychiatrist. And all he asks for is food, water and a place to run, and he offers me love, companionship, a bond worth millions-scratch that, billions of dollars. He gives me peace, he gives me a constant shoulder to cry on. I've always heard that a rider's bond with her or his horse is amazing, but I never really knew how amazing it truly was until Red came into my life.

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