Well, we decided to find a place to board Red. He deserves more property, and we ended up finding a place (not really a boarding facility, I'll explain in a minute) that is 3 miles away from us exactly, and there is about 35 acres. Horses are pretty much this lady's life, and one of her friends own the property and he told her that he wanted horses there, and she was free to use that large part of the property as long as she wanted. It was his family's property and he wanted horses! She has about 8 horses, a couple paints, two Appaloosa's. a Buckskin, a Mustang and one more that we're not sure what it's breed is, and an older pony that she is currently in the process of finding a home for, along with one other horse. It's seems like the perfect place for Red, the price is very good, and I can go see him anytime I want. She even told us we could ride with her today if we wanted to. She's really nice and I'm very happy with the place, I wanted to make sure it was close enough so I could go over there a lot and ride. She said anytime we want to come over we could, and we don't have to worry about letting her know. :)

Really happy, seems like some prayers have been answered.

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