The time has finally come! Red will be here Tuesday evening, maybe early Wednesday at the latest! Mom had decided to keep it a secret from me for awhile (She knew when he would be coming about a week and a half ago) but finally told me today. It immediately put me in a good mood. 

Today we'll be adding onto our stall (used for Barbie) and make it big enough for Red. We have also decided to get rid of Barbie because we just don't have what is needed to have both of them. The stall, of course, will need to be a little bigger. It was used for a 30 inch tall mini, and now a little over 15 H.H horse is going to be using it, and because of his issues with flies, he will probably spend a little more time in there then Barbie did, at least until we can get his skin back to normal. 

I literally wanted to squeal.
Psh. I still want to squeal. 

One of my favorite things about Little Red is his personality. He is the perfect horse for me. Calm. Lazy. Sweet. Great with kids. Patient. Only downside is when I go to get him from the pasture, he runs. But, my mini did that, too, and I managed to work with her and she now follows me around everywhere, even when she sees a lead in my hand. She hated having tack on, which is why we got into the habit of keeping a halter on her so we wouldn't have to deal with that. 

One of my five nephews, Noah, who is 4, loves horses. I joke around with my sister and tell her that he is cursed and just got the horse gene. My sister loves horses, too. She actually learned how to ride on my family's old horse, Cash, who is related to Red. Pretty cool how things work out. Cash's registered name was Go Cash Go, but they nicknamed him Slow Cash Slow because he was so lazy. Apparently he was even more lazy than Red. Shocking! :O

One of the things on my to-do list (Yes, I have a to-do list. Yes, it is Red-focused. :D) is to get some more hair on that tail of his! His tail looks like this:

And it's really sad. His tail is pretty long and thick, but the top looks like this! I think he has "sweet itch" also called "summer itch" and "Queensland itch" because everything I've heard about sweet itch Red has! Especially the dandruff-y skin and awful tail.

Another thing is I want to see if I can get his forelock and mane a little fuller and thicker. I managed to do this with my mini, but her's wasn't nearly as short as his. (I love this picture of him, and yes, that's my arm)

 I pretty much can't wait until Tuesday. That day, my dream since I was like, two, is coming true. :)

Cover your ears. I'm gonna squeal.

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