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So, while browsing on Craigslist in the farm and garden section (yep, I browse farm and garden.) I saw a homemade saddle rack for sale. Well, I needed a saddle rack pretty bad because my poor old saddle was currently sitting on a chair, but I didn't want to spend the money. (I'm cheap) So I showed it to my step-dad and he told me he'd make me one! It was meant to be a surprise, but I walked up to the garage and saw it. ;) We finally sanded it, painted it, distressed it and all that, and then I decided to have a little fun! My mom was sweet enough to do little drawings on it even after she spent all the time she did on painting/sanding/distressing.

I wanted to do a quote or a Bible verse on it, so I went to my sister (the creative/crafty one) and we spent a few minutes contemplating on quotes. Finally, we decided. 

I really wish I'd taken a "before picture" of it, it looks so awesome.

The picture above was our inspiration.

And here is ours! This is before mom did the little drawings. It looks a tad plain. The little bottom tray thingy is to hold tack, I think I'm going to put netting or something around it to hold the stuff in.

My saddle is happy. :) Ignore the girth randomly laying across it. :D I have a gun holster!

The coloring in the picture above is terrible. But this is the quote I picked! "Always Pray First Then Ride" even though the pic makes the saddle rack look orange, it is actually tan, and the quote is a little bit softer of a yellow. (You can see Red's hatler on the tack tray. It says Sunday...It was my moms.)

We (We being mom) also drew little flowers, but I didn't take a picture...Maybe later. :)

So, have you ever made anything like this? Do you like the quote? do you also own some hand-me-down tack, or antique tack? (The saddle was bought used by my Papaw and he gave it to my mom, and she gave it to me.)

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