A couple of people have asked me what kind of boots I wear when riding, so here we go!

I mainly wear cowboy boots when I ride, I own two pairs of Laredo's and a pair of Ariats. I used to have three pairs of Laredo's, but I grew out of one of them. I actually got a super nice pair for 18 bucks at a little store where I live. Ah-mazing. Those things are so worn out. They are still on my closet shelf, I don't think I could ever get rid of them. Maybe one day when we have a yardsale. :) One pair of my Laredo's are ankle length, and therefore not the best for riding (They slip off easy) and my other pair are really dressy and I don't want them to get all dirty because I wear them to church a lot ( I actually wore them tonight for church) but I have worn them during stuff like that before.

Here are my Laredo's (the dressy ones)
Just got these beautiful boots for Christmas! Thanks Santa! (Mom and Step-daddy!) @Cynthia Morris
I seriously looooove these boots. I got them for Christmas last year. I got them the same place I got my 18 dollar boots at. :)

These are super similar to my ankle Laredo's, except mine are tan-ish and a little prettier.
And I could not find a picture of my exact Ariats that I do most of my riding/working/cleaning/mucking out stalls in, but these are similar:
Except the calf area on mine is tan and has a more feminine design. :) I actually think the picture up there is of mens boots, but they are similar. :) The build and toughness. :D

I'm actually probably going to get a pair of taller Ariat boots for the Winter that are currently at a store for pretty cheap. They are really nice and warm and great for riding. I tried to find a picture but couldn't find one. -_- Next time I'm at the store I'm totally taking a picture if I remember. :) I think I might get a pair for my mom for Christmas, too.

I've also been asked what brand of helmets I use, or if I use helmets at all, and, truth be told, I do not wear helmets. But then again, I own a very sound, lazy horse whom I completely trust. If I was on a horse I did not know/trust, it would be a completely different story. If I was letting one of my nieces or nephews ride him and they wanted to go a little fast, I'd probably want them to wear a helmet. If I evented, I would consider wearing a helmet, and if I was riding somewhere where it was the law, I would no doubt shove a helmet on my head, even though I am uncomfortable in them. I normally wear a baseball cap or my trusty brown cowboy hat and a ponytail. But, I have heard that Tractor Supply have some pretty nice helmets, but I'm not sure of the brand. :)

Getting a tad off-topic, I've seen these little things for kids that hook onto the saddle and strap across the childs leg. I honestly love these! Especially for smaller kids who are just learning. Or maybe for those places that offer horses and let you trail ride with them, especially if the kid is like me and wanted to do something like that for their birthday and they have never rode a horse. 

So, do you use those little straps? What kind of boots do you use? Do you wear a helmet? If you do, do you wear it every time you are on a horse, or is just for when you are eventing or maybe trail riding?

Thanks for readin', ya'll! :)

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