I get Red today!

Today's the day. Red will be here around 9-ish (P.M) which kinda stinks because it will be dark, but hey, I'd rather him be here in the dark than not be here at all, and I'll have the whole next day just for him and me. :)

I've gotten a few more questions, so here we go. :)

1. Do you have a horse? color, breed, etc...Ya'll know this! :) A Quarter Horse, he is a Bay!
2. How long have you been riding?Not very long, I don't really know. (Don't comment saying it's too early to get a horse, I know more than enough about them and my mom is a big horse person who is a very good rider, she'll help me tons)
3. Synthetic or leather reins? I like leather, personally, but I will be getting rope reins just because I like the feel of them, and they are slightly cheaper....:)
4. English or Western? why?Western. I've just always liked how laid back it is, it excites me more.
5. Favorite breed?Hmmm, Appaloosa! I love Quarters, too.
6. Favorite color? Probably Bays or Roans.
7. Rubber or leather boots? It depends, if I'm mucking out stalls and what-not rubber is easier to clean, but I'm normally in my leather cowboy boots every minute of the day. Lol!
8. Pony or Horse? Horse.
9. Show, games or trail? Trail.
10. Sunscreen or bug spray?Either. :))
11. Nylon, rope or leather halter?NYLON. No doubt.
12. Saddle or bareback? I've never ridden bareback, so I guess saddle.
13. Mares or Geldings? ... Geldings.
14. What type of saddle do you use?I use a very old saddle that was bought for my mom by my Papaw, he bought it used. I have no clue what it is,  but I am currently looking into buying a Cherokee barrel saddle. :D
15. Something silly about your horses personality?He is SO lazy. He even fell asleep on the trails when we had to stop.
16. Jumping or barrels?Barrelllllls!
17. Favorite gait? Why?I don't really have a favorite. I don't really like gaits.
18. Favorite horse movie?Black Beauty
19. Favorite horse websites?Don't have one.
20. What color saddle pad, halter, etc.?I have a black saddle, a blue, black and yellow saddle pad, a green and purple (Burgundy ish) halter with the word "Sunday" monogrammed on it, a brown Hackamore (A type of bridle that is bitless) with western stars on the browband, and I have a long (SUPER long) neon green lead, a burgundy, red and green shorter lead, and a blue lead. :) Phew! I think that's everything...
21. Do you like natural horseman ship?Yep.
22. Biggest achievement with horses (so far!)? Just getting one of my own is a big achievement.
23. Appaloosa, paint or both? Both! It's hard to pick, they are two of my favorite breeds.
24. Weirdest thing you've ever done with a horse?I don't know....I dressed my mini up as a My Little Pony for my Nephews birthday party.
25. Ever ridden on a beach?No, but I'd love to.
26. Ever gone camping with your horse?Not yet, but it'll probably happen.
27. How old were you when you fell off? Never fallen.
28. Trail ride alone or with a buddy?Depends on my mood, but mostly with a friend. I like the talking and stuff.
29. Helmet or not?No. I don't feel comfortable in them, as I've stated before. I almost always wear my baseball cap or cowboy hat because of the sun, though.
30. On a scale from 1-20. How much do you love horses? A million.
31. Ever been really scared on a horse?The first time I rode, yes. But I'm over it. :)


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