Northstar deserves JUSTICE!

(The below image might scare some younger children. It contains an animal in very poor condition with pretty bad wounds.)


Hey, guys! I keep meaning to do an update, but ya'll know how busy life is! Ah! But I knew I had to take a break away from life and share this story with everbody. 

This horse in the picture above is named Northstar. Northstar has a loving home and is cared for very well. He was set on fire (NOT by accident) and he is currently in pretty rough condition. This horse needs all the help and prayers he can get. I'll post any updates I can on him (and Red) but if you want to find out more look up "Justice for Northstar" on Facebook. He also has a website which can be found here: http://www.helpnorthstar.com/#!home/mainPage 

Thank you guys for reading.

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