"His nickname is officially, THE HULK"

So, when Red was taken out of the trailer and I saw him for the first time since July, I was once again amazed at how huge this horse is. Over 15 H.H, muscular, one of those horses that have you thinking, "Alright, how do I get on him?" and his height makes for a very awkward looking mount, especially when my stinkin cowboy boots have a really wide toe and I have to practically shove it in and out of the stirrup. Oh sigh. I have made a mental note to get pointed toe boots next time around. :D

Other than that random-ness, Red is doing so great! Me and mom have doubled and rode around our road a lot, I love the courtesy you get when you are on a horse. Almost everybody always waves and smiles. One guy seriously drove in the ditch and drove like a snail to make sure the car didn't spook "The Hulk" AKA Red. Once, mom was checking the mail and some lady who had seen us riding started talking about how pretty and huge Red was. Just a tip, guys, the best compliment a horse girl can ever get is a compliment about her horse. ;)

Red does have a stubborn streak, okay, okay, okay, he has the personality of a mule if he doesn't want to move. Seriously, that horse can be all excited to ride and be running around happy that we are tacking him up and riding, then the next day he's just like, "HAHAHA, noooo way. You are NOT putting that saddle thingy on me again." And then just stops and, of course, two petite women can not force a huge, 1,000 something pound horse to do anything, we have to use our brilliant minds. I've resorted to baiting him with some yummy grass and etc. :)

Seriously, though, we will be riding, going pretty fast and he's doing great, then all of a sudden, STOP! He just stops and neighs, looks at us like, "Oh yeah, I stopped. What'cha gonna do about it, ladies?" and then about five minutes later (Five minutes full of saying, "YAH" and "GIDDY UP!" and kicking) he starts going again and acts like nothing ever happened. I of course can't stay mad at him, even though he is lazy. He's just too adorable. 

Right now I'm currently trying to train him how to give kisses. He's doing pretty good, and he loves cuddling anyways. Every time he see's me coming up to him, he runs over to me and puts his head on my shoulder or wraps his head and neck around my waist. He's loveable. 

So, me and mom were going to go get him out of the pasture to tack him up, and he was standing next to his wife (AKA Barbie the mini horse, he is in love with her) and I was like, Oh my goodness he looks ginormous. Keep in mind Barbie is about 30 inches and he is, as stated before, over 15. H.H, so I randomly decided his nickname, is officially, The Hulk. My superhero loving nephews will like the name. :) His halter is even purple and green (HULK COLORS) so it's kinda fitting. I also call him Turkey and Fatty. 

The name Turkey just came about yesterday, when me and mom were bringing up some water for Barbie and Red and Barbie's grain, Red decided to check out the water bucket and ended up drinking almost all of Barbie's water, so mom had to go back down to the house and fill it back up, she walked back up and called Red a "Big fat turkey" and he tried to win her over with one of his signature whinnies and hugs. I think it worked. He totally knows how adorable he is.

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