The last two days have been sad for Red. We've been having some awful rain and he has been stuck in his stall. Thankfully, his stall is big. Since our land is bad about getting slippery and muddy, even though it's not raining anymore it's still muddy, so we've been having to keep him in the stall overtime so he doesn't slip on the mud. He of course has no where to go do his "business" so we've had to muck the stall. A lot. Only downside about a big horse. :/

Thankfully, we're thinking that he will be able to get out of that stall today! Hallejuah! We haven't been able to ride for about a week and a half because he had a scab where the girth goes and we didn't notice it, and the girth rubbed it and made it worse. :( We felt awful when we saw it and were set on spoiling him for the next week or so while it gets better. We bought a new softer girth and we are going to sew some fleece around that too so it's easier on his skin while the scabs are healing.

We got rid of the mini horse a while ago and the man who got her was wonderful. He has 29 mini's and a few big horses, and he fell in love with her. He gave me a super nice saddle, too!

For those of you who want to know, it's a 14 Inch Double T saddle. It has such a nice bucket seat and I love the horn. It's made out of snakeskin! :) I do miss the gun holster I had on my old saddle...it came in handy. :) I'll probably get a saddle bag or something to put on this one.

As you can see, we have formed a bond. :) 

He's had some mane growth, and a lot of tail growth just from being away from all of the bugs in Florida and the shadey area he's in now has helped a lot, too. He's doing really good and we are very ready to hit the trails again! Me and mom go doubling a lot and ride around the road and stuff, and we have enjoyed it so much. I love being able to see my mom with horses again, too. 

And random! For all of you coffee drinkers or whatever, there is a website called InkGarden I ordered a mug from for really cheap (They run sales all the time) and I wanted to share because they are awesome!

That's my mug! There's another picture on it, too, but it kept turning out all blurry when I took a picture of that side. It's really nice! You can customize as much as you want, I completely designed the mug. All the way from the background, to the horseshoes! They also have shirts and mousepads and stuff like that. They run sales a lot, as I said before, so you might want to check them out!


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