Horse Questions!

Saw these on a horse tumblr and wanted to do it because it looked fun. Here we go!

1. What’s your favourite breed? Quarter horse.
2. Favourite colour/coat pattern? I love Bays (My QH is a Bay, soooo) and I love roans. I love Leopard spots, and any Paint pattern I love.
3. What discipline would you like to try? Hmm, well I really am not sure. We'll see where life takes me and Red. :) I love Western, so I guess something to do with that.
4. Favourite memory with your horse/Fave horse? We were leaving Florida and I had NO idea that I was going to be getting Red. My aunt came up with an idea. She said I could go to her house and say goodbye to Red. I walked in there, had to chase him around a little to get him to come to me (That's one of his only faults) and I got to love on him some. :) And of course, the first time I got to tack him up and get in the saddle.
5. Worst fall? I've never fell (So far, lol) but Red has run me into quite a few bushes and trees. ;)
6. Bad riding habits? I tend to accidentally drop the stirrups.
7.A breed you would like to work with? Quarters. I love Arabians, too.
8.What are you’re equine goals? Barrel race and do stuff in Rodeos.
9. Equine pet peeves?The people who get on to ride them and act like they know everything about riding, when really, they know nothing.
10.Favourite tack brand? Don't have one, to be honest. As long as it's good and sturdy and it's going to last, I'm good.
11. Least favourite breed?
Really don't have one. Lol!
12. Last time you rode & what did you do ?  I rode Red in Florida and we trail rode with my cousins and mom. :)
13.Do you have a good connection with the people at your barn? I don't board. The only people at my "barn" is my family and my friends who randomly come over. I hope I have a good connection with them. Lol!
14.How long have you been riding?
Not long, but I've been around and studying. So I do have some knowledge.
15.How many trainers have you had?
 My mom.
16.Have horses always been part of your life? Yes! For sure.
17. Are you a jealous rider? No. Every now and then I see someone who has a pretty horse or is barrel racing and I get a little twinge of jealousy, but I just keep thinking that I have a beautiful horse coming to me soon, and that if I stay dedicated, it could be me barreling. :)
18.Last time you rode bareback?
I've never rode bareback. I will do it though. :)
19.Last time you fell off? Never.
20.have you ever ridden a draft horse? Nope. I'd love to, though.
21.Favourite equine sport?
Barrel racing.
22.Do you help out at your barn?
It's my responsibility, so yes.
23. Have horses affected your life?
Yeah, definitely. I'm always a lot calmer around them. While I'm not the "Get into trouble for fun" type of girl, I think that they have and will probably keep me out of bad things, too. They, to me, are that thing I can always count on. Can't count on people all the time. :)
24.What are you currently riding?
Well, since my QH is not yet here, nothing at the moment. But as soon as he comes, I'll be riding him.

These questions were SO much fun! If you want, I'd love for you guys to answer these questions in the comment bar or at your own blog. :) Just send me a link if you have a horsey blog! :)


  1. Hey there Kalin! i want to start up barrel racing too! i just barely got a QH last Sunday! he's four and i get to train him. do you wanna maybe start up emailing so we can help each other? i dont have alot of horse friends so i'd love to make some. I live in Idaho. My name is Kayla. I'd love to email with you!

    1. I JUST saw this! :) I actually don't have a working email, (Blech) but I'd love to talk with you through the blog or Pinterest if you have an account!!! :) How is your horse doing?