News on my lazy boy.

Today I got the news that Red will be delivered in the first part of September in a 32 foot long horse trailer, YIKES! The news was great, but short lived, as we wondered where on earth we would be parking the huge truck and trailer. Our driveway is big enough, but it's a really steep hill and the girl who is delivering him did not feel comfortable backing it out, but then, our WONDERFUL, AWESOME, FANTASTIC neighbors came to our rescue and told us that we could park the trailer in their driveway (Which is flat) and they would park there cars in a different place for as long as we needed, so the girl could park the trailer, unload my guy, and we could walk him up to our house and into his new home. :) 

I, of course, am super pumped and have been scrolling around on Amazon for Tennessee horse tack, but sadly, I have been unable to find any. :( Anywhoooooo......I really do have all the tack I need, my awesome Aunt is giving me Red's Hackamore (A hackamore is a bitless bridle) and I have a saddle pad, saddle, halter, lead rope and all the other things that are needed, but you know, I just love tack and spoiling my babies. :))

So, super excited. Expect this blog to get busier soon.

I just love him already. We had formed a great bond in the matter of minutes on the trail.

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