Red is thoroughly enjoying this crazy time in my life because he's not getting worked - sadly for him, his break ends tomorrow and we get to go back to work. He's been extremely happy in the last few days and every night, he runs around and bucks and plays. I'm just happy because it's really good seeing my guy out there kicking up dust after everyone told me he never plays and is lazy...

Not anymore, guys.

It was dark by the time I saw him this evening, but he decided to gallop to me when I called and then put his head down and followed me around. I love how he can go from crazy and playing to being submissive and respectful. Since I have no good playing pictures, here's one of him rolling like a doofus the other day.

 "I'm going down..."

 "I'm yelling TIMBERRR!"

 he just laid like this until he got pets from me

"K Spirit is eating I must go eat too"

He also helped us open the gate today. He's just that kind of guy.