First off, I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments on my last post. I don't feel up to getting into the story quite yet, but yes, Shalom passed away peacefully on Saturday. Since his passing, we've gone back and forth on if we did the right thing - we did make the decision to let him go as it was the only humane option left for him. Of course, we've doubted, but I have a lot of peace about it now. He was only in our home for 2 months and 1 week, we were like his hospice, my neighbor said. Since his passing, we've heard thunder. Keep in mind, it was sunny the day he died and that's when the thunder occurred. It was beautiful and sunny, but it thundered all day afterwards. We all said it was Shalom, galloping around in Heaven, but it was a joke...but then yesterday in church, we heard a sermon about the horses that Jesus will ride down on, we sang a song about thunder and the verses that the choir director said before the sermon? It was about death, and peace knowing we'll see them again.

I cried the whole time, of course.

On Instagram, there is now a hashtag called #liveforshalom which my followers have helped me create to continue his legacy. There's already 130+ photos and sweet captions dedicated to my boy. We may have only have had him for a short period of time, but he was my warhorse and inspired me endlessly to live like I'm dying and always hug your horse tighter, because you don't know when your last day with them will be.

The weather has been too disgusting to even think about riding, but I did spend time with Red yesterday and we did liberty. He was feeling good and enjoying the weather, I think, and we did a lot of trotting at liberty, free lunging and he followed after me for awhile until I gave him the cue to move off, then Spirit joined in.


It was pouring rain by the time they were finished and yes, the thunder was still rolling while they ran. When I see my boys out running, I know that they have already been living like they were dying - it was up to Shalom to teach me how to live in that moment with them. my herd and I will #lifeforshalom.

and yes I chopped a lot of hair off.


  1. Shalom will forever have a special place in my heart since I got Quest about the same time your family found him. We fell in love and took a chance on them, all sight unseen. At the very least, he knew peace with a family by his side.

  2. *hugs* Letting go is the hardest thing.

  3. That is the absolute toughest decision we have to make. :( I felt extremely guilty and second guessed myself after putting my dog to sleep, but in the end I know it was the right thing to do. When they are in pain and miserable with no hope of getting better it is for the best. *hugs* When it thunders I'll think of Shalom.

  4. I was so heartbroken to hear about Shalom's passing, but you should rest easy knowing that you did everything you could and make the best decision. He had the best two months a horse could dream of with your family <3