My Racehorse

(please note, I'm running on very, very little sleep right now, so this post won't be fancy.)

We went to go get Shalom Saturday! It was a long drive but worth it, I think. We got there, said hello and talked for awhile and out came "Charlie" whom we decided 100% to rename Shalom. He was attached at the hip with a little racking pony but left him pretty easily. He did kick out once pretty bad when we put on the back shipping boot, but I know he was scared of the boots, the trailer and the flies were bad, so I don't blame him for it. He trailered extremely well and never made a fuss and was always happy to see us when we stopped for food or gas while we sat and peeked in his window.

First sight. :)

Mom and the new kid.

He's definitely foundered before judging by his hooves, but he seems very sound, not stiff, not gimpy. He didn't want to load at first but we walked him out and he walked right in like a champ. Long story short, it was a very long drive and I am totally exhausted from it. (horses are worth it. Horses are always worth it.) Got him home, walked him around and he moseyed into the stall and just chilled out with some hay and his dinner.

Woke up yesterday morning around 7:30 to check on him, went up there in batman pajama pants and a jacket (oh...and my pink boots.) because it was chilly and got weird looks. He didn't seem to mind though. :P We just got him out, walked him for a few minutes and fed him breakfast (not much since it had only been like 5 hours since he ate) and gave him more hay, checked water, etc, and then went to church. Then we got back and my brother and his girlfriend came over while we let Shalom go into his new pasture for the first time. We're easing him into the grass for obvious reasons and he was excited to get into the pasture, but even more happy to just stick with someone and follow you like a dog. He impressed me with the fact that he wasn't being pushy, although he does need to work on being more respectful on the ground. He's much bigger than expected (I'm guessing 15.3hh, maybe even 16) and he could plow right over you on accident. Mom and I kind of had a realization today. He's not being super pushy on the lead, he's just so. fast. and has super long strides. He's very calm for the most part of the lead when you walk him, we just need to learn to walk him and not walk him like we would Red or even Spirit, who are super slow.

He's definitely thin and his topline needs the most work, IMO. It's caved in slightly and you can feel all of his ribs. He's a very hungry boy and extremely eager to eat. He takes the biggest bites that I've ever seen.


Yesterday, we also made a very interesting discovery. I couldn't shake the feeling that he looked more TB than Quarter, so I checked under his lip and voila! A tattoo! We called the AQHA and apparently have the numbers wrong but it's definitely an appendix quarter tattoo and the girl said he raced. Y'all can  help me figure this tattoo out. It's not 2332Y or 3332Y (we've already checked and the wrong horses come up)

Hello teefers.

He LOVES people and wants to be by your side 24/7. He'll follow you wherever and is content to just be next to you while he eats, but when you leave him, he'll just stand there at the fence looking like a kicked puppy until you come back. (Oh, and he has a hilarious whinny. Even worse than Red's.)

I went out yesterday to get some better photos of him and he tried licking the camera a few times but other than that he didn't mind the loud clicks or big object being shoved around.

This angle makes him look pretty dang good but he's pretty thin.

On the brightside, his coat is so, so shiny so maybe he's not completely unhealthy. The only thing that I hate seeing so bad is he has a terrible place on his withers from either bad saddle fit or rubbing it against something. The rescue did a good job at medicating it so it's well on it's way to healing, but it makes me sick to think he's been hurt so much.

We let my little nephew go near him (not too close, though, in the beginning, and with me or mom int here) and he kind of just put his head in his arms and then walked off when he saw me walking the fenceline. He seems good with the passing motorcycles, ambulances, dogs barking, etc. He's only getting a couple hours of pasture a day, then the feed he had at the rescue mixed with senior feed and a weight supplement. Easing him into everything to prevent colic. His hooves seem to be in good shape and he's not dropping any food. The vet is coming out very soon so he'll get a good check-up.

Someone heard the mare next door..

No riding until the place on his wither is completely healed and he's got some more weight on his back, although we may put a cushioned pad on and hop on bareback for a few minutes just to get him used to a rider again and make sure he acts good. He definitely has no issue with being caught thus far and actually sits there and waits for you to put a halter on and lead him out.

He backs up so well, you don't even have to touch him, just tell him to with vocal commands and point and he's backing. I'm eager to see how he does under-saddle with backing and side-passing.



Went up to check on him today and he's doing good, he's settled pretty well!

Now, just waiting on my Redman to be home!


  1. I'd throw out 1333 or 2333 maybe? Love me an appendix pony :)

    1. Thanks for the ideas!!!! I'm going to do some researching!

  2. He is going to be a very pretty boy when he fills out!

    1. Thanks!! I'm excited, I feel like I'm kind of joining the TB club, haha!

  3. He's going to be such a handsome boy when he fills out! As for the tattoo I'd say it almost looks like 3338. ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Me, too! already settling down a lot!

  5. Glad it went well! The last three numbers are easiest to make out and look like 332. The first appears to be a 1 maybe. I'm sure; lip tattoos are hard to read

  6. Much love for appendix horses, my friend owns one and what a fun ride. So excited and happy for you and your mom (:

  7. nice boy...just be careful turning out in a nylon halter...