Bath Day || Learning The Horse

Y'all, words can't describe how happy I am to have a horse at home. It's so nice. It's a lot of work and responsibility but I just love being able to go out and see a horse every single day. Shalom is settling in really well and I told mom that he's starting to act super calm and getting that calm, happy look back in his eyes. I think he was stressed out with being in a new home yesterday and he's settling in now. He spent some time in the round pen today and the early morning in the stall, he'll also spend the night stalled, and spends a couple hours in the pasture. He's such a people lover and is so excited when he see's us come over. Our neighbors (also horse people, we'll call them CL and AL) came over and got there about 5 minutes before us because we had to get cleaned up as we were going into town and Shalom came to them but didn't seem super interested, but then he saw our van and definitely knew who we were and trotted over to see us and whinnied his pathetic little whinny. It sounds like he's whispering, haha!

Hi lovely!

He was sweating a lot today - it's almost 90 degrees but super humid so it was expected. They said he's a sweater anyways, so we decided to go ahead and try hosing him off. We weren't sure how he would do but he LOVED it and stood there like a champ and enjoyed the cold spray. When we got out the shedding blade, he just sat there with his eyes closed like "Oh my word, I love you people!" I think this is probably the most spoiling he's had in a very long time.

So shiny, I love it! But neck needs lotsa work.

So far his only bad fault is that he doesn't want to stop when you are leading him. We did discover the trick to leading him calmly though  (until it's time to stop...) we just lead him like a racehorse, haha! We walk him almost by the halter and he's so much happier and calmer to have less lead to run around on, unlike Red who just chills out behind you. He's very different and it'll take some getting used to but I think he's getting a lot better already!

Shalom says I love you and I love grooming time!

I'm going to invest in a good rope halter with knots on the nose for leading. I don't think the nylon is cutting it.

On a god note, this horse can back that thing up, lol!! I'm going to start backing him up when he's wanting to keep going and run us over when he's unhappy with stopping as opposed to circling him. Anywho, I'm feeling the blogging creative juices flowing now that I have a horse here to talk about and I can't wait to start making better posts. This blog won't be too abandoned or sloppy anymore, I think! Now I just need my big Red horse home, please!

(PS: Umm...so....we've discussed this and if Shalom likes it and if I like riding Shalom, we're going to start jumping lessons. Woop!)


  1. He'll adjust and your kind hand will lead him well! Check out these halters, I'm loving them and they can add extra knots like those rope training halters http://www.sunsethalters.com/ I'm sure you can slowly work up to giving him more lead he just needs to gain the confidence! He's very pretty!

  2. Riv led like a racehorse at first too, now he's usually super chill about it though and I can almost lead him without any rope, half the time (unless there's grass...har har). Rope halter does help though!

  3. I'd just recommend doing lots of groundwork with him. That would probably help with the leading. (you can find the great instructional videos on youtube) Groundwork is great for any horse! Good luck with him!