Farm Update!

Thought I'd pop in for a quick update on the barn and show off an extremely small tack "haul" from today. :) The farm is coming along pretty nicely nowadays, slowly but surely!

Spirit's stall, all finished.

We've completed Spirit's stall, the smaller of the two by a couple inches at the most. The front gate swing towards the outside of the barn for an easy entrance, and the back wooden barn-style boards are the inside of the tack room which will be directly behind it, next to the hay. I need to get measurements for it up.

Red's stall is on the left, which is almost done. Instead of having the wooden boards, we used a gate. It'll be easier to put hay in his stall plus it gave him more room, which he does need since he has the mild arthritis and is a bigger horse. We will put the wooden boards on the side like Spirit's has on the right side and another gate in front. The hay is stored right there where y'all can see, the tack room will be closed up to the left of the hay and the door leads to our bathing area for them.

This week, we've been busting concrete (so. much. fun. I say sarcastically.) because the water was draining right into the barn and making it literally flood. Mom and Jeff tried making concrete drains which didn't work, so we ended up having to break up concrete in the bathing area for a ditch for the water to drain which worked perfectly + it made the bathing area a lot easier and nicer in the long run.
Terrible photo so ignore that.


All of those concrete slabs you see were dug out by Jeff and lifted/moved by my tiny mom, who is much stronger than you'd think, haha! Those weight an awful lot.

We also got the cross-ties on Spirit's side put up and are putting the ones up on Red's side soon.

Need to add the hooks and etc on them.

Can't believe that the first meeting is in less than 4 days and that if all goes well *crosses fingers* they'll be home next month! Hopefully by September 20th.

And last but not least, I managed to splurge on some tack today. I met with a friend after church who is selling tack (same girl I got several pads from and my roping saddle) and bought a pair of lime green reins (never used) two over and under whips and a bronc nosed halter all for $30. I love the over and under whips because they're so much easier for trails instead of lugging a crop around, plus you can unhook them and use them as leads on trails if necessary.

One of the whips and the reins.

The other whip.

Planning on riding this week sometime. We wanted to ride today but then came the downpour of rain suddenly and everything became way too muddy to ride safely. The farrier was out earlier this week but we weren't able to go out because of a funeral after the death of a family member. Trying to get sorted again and get our lives less busy but it won't settle down that much until October when we're in the swing of things with them home and settled in.


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    1. Thanks!! Can't wait until it's decorated with ponies ;)

  2. Looks like things are coming along really well!!

  3. it's looking great! I need to come see it all when you get moved in! ;)

    1. Most definitely! We need to ride together soon! :)

  4. So exciting to see the farm taking shape!