Bucking Spirit & Perfect Red

Went to the barn for a visit this evening. We had planned on going when the horses were stalled but we got there and they were all being ornery, so they decided to stick to the back pasture instead of coming for dinner. "A" showed up by the time mom and I went out to go get Red and Spirit so she went along with us. She couldn't stay because of plans afterwards but she was able to stick around for awhile. Red was easy to catch but Spirit decided to run off for a few minutes before mom got him.

Dusty, a TWH


Walked the slow-pokes to the barn and got some quite unexpected and weird news about someone I've blogged about before but I don't want to get into it on here, nothing terrible or sad but it jolted me for awhile and I basically just tried to get on and forget about it. I got Red tacked up and kind of opted to just not think about anything but my horse and fellow rider next to me.

They haven't been really ridden in about 4+ weeks. I've hopped on Red bareback but I've basically just sat on him so I was hoping they'd be okay. Spirit was very fresh and green but Red did wonderful. I could sense that he was wanting to go so once he proved that he would be good and stay still when needed, I let him trot a few beats down towards the driveway area and let him break into a lope. Mom let Spirit do the same until he decided to have a little crow hopping and bucking fit, so she stopped him and made him stand still while Red and I slowed down and walked on the buckle and worked on his lower headset.

Ponykins looking straggly. I was in a weird mood and didn't have a chance to really brush him out to look good, just enough to actually make sure he's comfortable.

Red did totally wonderful, as per usual. I'm always so impressed by his ability to stay calm after so much time off - you would think that I'd been riding him daily. He definitely was a bit more eager to run around for a few minutes but his barn sour issues have improved so much. Before, I didn't have the confidence to ride in this pasture because the run-in is in there and he would always act up and try to bolt me in there. We've both built up more respect for each other and I'm proud that I'm growing more confidence.

Mom even commenting on how much better my seat is - I'm sitting a lot straighter and keeping my heels down so much better. Posting is much easier.

Because ponies.

I mostly worked on my seat and his collection while mom got Spirit into a better mood. We worked more on jogging and he did slip into a slow jog for a few beats until he broke out of it, but I'm not pushing him to do it for long amounts of time until I know he's ready. We're taking it a step at a time and I'm letting him go longer and longer with each ride that we work. We also did some work on backing, he backed up a couple feet so he's actually getting better with it.

I tested him a few times as well and worked on steering - he needs to be a bit more quick to respond with turns when we are trotting or cantering. I let him canter towards the end of the pasture away from the barn and then turned him, seeing if he would try to bolt towards the barn like he would've before. He's gotten so much better with that and let me turn him quickly and slow down into a walk and then a complete stop in the middle of the pasture, turn, walk back to the end and then walk slowly back to the barn.

We also did some trotting up the hill in the pasture for some hillwork, which he always loves.

Yes, I stood up all the way. ;)

Red says do you see what I put up with?

I'm really excited about how much more responsive he is with me now in the hackamore. So much less stubborn. I ditched the crop today for the under and over and never had to use it at all. (I always had to bring the crop in this pasture and almost always had to use it.) He did get a little barn sour a couple times but all I had to do was give him a nudge with my heel and he was totally fine super quickly. The only time he gave me a bigger issue is when mom got off before and turned Spirit out. He wanted to follow Spirit but I just showed him the whip and he was back to standing quietly.

Walking down the slight hill, love his butt nowadays.

I let him walk the fence-line on the buckle for a few minutes and then walked back up to mom and let her take some photos with my nicer camera. :) The computer has completely ruined the quality (I no longer have good editing software on my computer so poop.) so ignore that, lol.

Cheesing it.

His ears are forward. Someone put this in a book.

Quality is poop but I love this one. His color was completely unedited and LOOK HOW PRETTY.

While we sat there, I stood up on him for the first time ever which totally freaked me out but I was happy that I did it in the long run, haha! And we rode backwards for a few minutes whilst mom shook her head while laughing and told Red, "If I were you, I'd dump her." Lol! He's probably the most patient horse I've been around. Dismounted and untacked him, cooled him off and gave him a treat before turning him out to his buddies.

Also, before I stop writing, the first rezoning meeting today went perfectly!! The next meeting is probably on the 22nd of September, horses should be home by the end of next month!!!!!

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