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Horse Ear Bonnet

Okay, so I did some measuring tonight and research on English saddles and I believe that, if I'm measuring in the right place, the saddle tree/gullet whatever you English people call them is a 7". Everywhere I read said that a 7" would be considered a "wide" which I'm kind of hoping for because..better big than too small, right? I could always use a halfpad? Throw the ideas at me because I'm clueless!!

This obviously isn't my picture but this is where I measured! Correct?!?!?

Now, let's all look at Red's back to see what we've got...

He has a wither but it isn't extremely high at all.

Right now I'm just crossing my fingers that the saddle will fit because I love it already. :P I discussed the whole paying monthly thing to my mom and she said that if I was ever running too low, she would take care of it because I've earned it from all the work I do at the house (cleaning, babysitting, taking care of the animals and etc) so that's just one thing that I get to cross off of my "ahhh can I really do this" list. I was nervous this morning about doing this whole thing because I don't have that many English riding supporters, my mom is a western rider through and through so it'll be interesting. English riders from Tennessee - come help! ;)

Before I delve into my current "want list"..... I also talked to my neighbor who brought me the saddle about a trainer that she's using. She's quite cheap and other than "yelling a lot" she's very nice, apparently. I don't mind the yelling, sooo....I may talk to her about giving some english lessons later on. OH and also...the saddle came with a 26 inch girth...Red uses a 26" for his Western saddle...would that maybe work?? I'm clueless!

Anywho, here's my current "want list" for my English endeavors...for, ya know, when I can allow myself to spend money again and Mr. Saddle is paid off.

Fly Bonnet!

Horse Ear Bonnet

Red gets super irritated with flies and I think a fly bonnet would be great, especially for trails. I'd love to get one like the one above but with navy blue or black trim instead of white.

Flying Pig Fly Bonnet
Hmmm maybe this?

Foxy fox ear bonnet fly veil for your horse or pony !
Or this!

MADE-TO-ORDER Fly Bonnet With 1 Row of Piping
I like this, but with burgundy trim and navy cord.


Denim, ooh!

I admit...I LOVE plaid breeches.

This won't be something that I'll splurge on for awhile, probably. I'll just suck it up and use jeans and find a seat cover for the saddle, maybe, so the leather doesn't get ruined. Breeches are expensive and I can't justify spending that much...yoga pants, maybe? ;) I mean, I don't show...hahaha!

Black Bridle

Like this... (found on google with no link)

Or maybe a sidepull.....like this. (found on google with no link)

I have a minor dilemma which only matters to me because I'm particular with tack matching. My western tack is brown. My - possible - english saddle is black. While I was hoping for a black dressage saddle, brown would've been better in reality but shoot, if I'm going to pay $150 (way out of my price range for this stingy girl, even though it IS cheap in reality) and make payments...I'm going to splurge on what I want. Even if it means dealing with brown and black tack for awhile.

Who knows, maybe I'll win another Dr. Cook bridle giveaway and pick the black english style ;)

Saddle Pad

Sorry for quality! With the lime trim. (From Statelinetack)
Love this color. From EquineNow
Loooveeee. From Equis
I'll take one of each, plus a peach color. Centaur Pads

I won't lie - I freak out over how cheap English pads are (the majority, at least!) compared to Western. Of course, there are VERY pricey pads but I could buy like 5 dressage pads from Stateline tack or ChicksSaddlery for the price of like 2 western pads. I love the idea of switching his looks around so much easier! The next colors I get will probably be either peach or mint green. I just love pastel colors. I love patterns, too, so not sure! I still have my burgundy pad with navy blue trim and a white monogram so it'll be my main pad for awhile.


I kind of love these. No lie. I have no need for anything like this but I love them. From StatelineTack

I already have a pair of English reins (plain BROWN urghhh) and I'll probably just order a pair of rope reins because leather+long trail rides=ouchy hands, but yeah. These are cute.


Not the prettiest but you can use touchscreens with them which means no taking them off to take pictures or call/text. From StatelineTack

Winter gloves. Lined. ooohhhhhhh yes. From StatelineTack

I want these in every color. From StatelineTack


Last thing on my list are stirrups. My stirrups aren't in the best of shape, they work but will probably need to be replaced before too long, but I'll have to do research on different styles to see what I prefer. I also may need a new girth..maybe...

Yay for the world of English!


  1. Yay for versatility!! I still have my Western saddle, even though it doesn't really fit either me or Lady, just because, well, its cool to be able to do both! ;)

  2. I don't know what size you wear, but I might have a pair of breeches that you can have. They're Kentucky's in Navy 26L. Pretty much brand new. I'm usually a 28 and these are just a bit tight on me. They're knee patch, not full seats. I've been looking for someone that might be able to use them, so they're yours if you want them. Also, I will send you some articles about saddle fitting. You can adjust with pads up to a point, but you really need to be as close as possible to the correct fit. If the saddle isn't balanced, it's going to be really hard to ride correctly.

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    2. Hey, Jodi!! Thanks so much for everything! That would be amazing. My email is dappledbays@gmail.com. I'd love to see more articles and etc so I make sure everything fits and everyone is comfortable!!

  3. The place they measured in the picture is the gullet, not the actual width. Here's some good tips about saddle fittinghttp://dressagetoday.com/article/eq9points447. P.S. you don't have to post this on your blog. I just couldn't find an e-mail for you. I will send you a few more links through the comments.

  4. I suppose too wide is a bit better than too narrow since you can pad up, but do be careful that it doesn't pitch down and hit his withers in front. You should be able to have at least a couple fingers' width (preferably three fingers') between the pommel of the saddle and his wither when you're sitting in it on him.

    You can also take an (untwisted) coat hanger or another piece of wire and bend it round his withers where the saddle would sit to get an outline of his back/wither area. Size it up against the saddle and see how it looks. Ideally you want the saddle flaps to come smoothly down alongside his withers and back shoulder area, not pinching but not winging out to the side either. Just some thoughts. Wish I could get a dressage saddle for $150! Haha! :)

    1. Okay! Thank you!! And yes, the perks of living near so many rescues and etc that need donations! Hahaha!

  5. I had always ridden western until a couple of years ago. Then I decided to give english a try just for the fun of it, and I discovered that I love english riding! Maybe you'll find that you love it too. :)

    1. I hope so! I've only ridden English once and I enjoyed it!

  6. Not that I'm biased AT ALL (cough cough) but you should totally get a bonnet from FireFly. ;)

    1. I really really really want one from them and have been dying for one ever since you made that post, haha! I'll end up splurging, hopefully ;)

  7. Cool that you are trying out english! If the saddle is a little too big you can possibly use the the half pad that comes with foam inserts, which is what I use, although that one is very expensive(200 yikes!). If you are interested I can tell you more. Jeans are just fine to ride in until you get breeches. I rode in them before I got my pair. Dover has good prices on some, I think. Some of the cheaper ones run 25 to 30 dollars. TuffRider is a brand I like, though are a bit more expensive.

    Hope this helps!

  8. No, wide is not better. Padding up will not help, it is not a solution, you need to actually fit the saddle. You could potentially do a LOT of damage with an ill fitting saddle. I would get an actual saddle fitter out to make sure it fits.

    1. I'm not saying it's the perfect solution but halfpads could help it even after I had a fitter come out. I plan on having a professional come check it over for me.

  9. OMG!!!! A fox fly bonnet?????? I want one!!

    You may need a new girth. The billets on an English saddle are shorter than the latigo on a western saddle, but maybe you'll get lucky and not have to. Fingers crossed!

    You will probably have to get black tack to go with a dressage saddle. They almost always come in black these days. Hunter and jumper saddles come in brown, but not dressage. I'm so jealous you've won a Dr. Cooks bridle giveaway!!! I've been trying to win something for soooo long.

    I have never seen gloves with the touch screen fingers! Where do you find this cool stuff??

    1. Tractor Supply, Wal-mart, Chicks Saddlery..there are everywhere! I had a pair but they got caught on something and unwraveled, lol!