Dressage Princess

Okay, so. My neighbor who works for a horse rescue that also has a tack shop just surprised me with a very nice dressage saddle, if I like it/it fits, I can pay monthly payments or just buy it in one go. I'll probably have to make at least 3 monthly payments because I iz poor kid, but it's $150 so that's not that bad and I could probably pay $50 a month and have it paid for very quickly. The people at the rescue knew my name from our Facebook group The Tack of The Town and seemed excited for me to be the one to take it on trial, so I'm pumped.


I've already sat in it because I have no self-control and it fits me well judging by how it sat on a barrel, but obviously it'll feel different when I'm on Red. And of course, it has to fit him properly and not pinch. But yeah...I like it. She also sent a little dressage pad which is stained and ugly but hey, it works. I'm hoping that my red english pad works with the monograms because, duh, monograms are life.

The only thing that I'm concerned with based on my fit are the knee rolls because I'm not used to them. Oh well!

It's a 17 inch and I am guessing a medium tree, I need to do some measuring, I think.

I have no idea why this is sideways.

Here's to hoping that it fits my big pony!


  1. Oh nice! Good deal too. I hope it works out for you. I'm sure to knee rolls won't take too long to get used to.

  2. I love knee rolls now that I'm used to them, but they were kind of weird coming from a western saddle lol. I hope it fits Red!!