Nothing to report.

No riding this weekend because our barn decided to flood (future barn at home, not boarding barn) and we have to fix that before September. July is going to be insane, quite literally. Weddings, concerts (AHH Josh Turner in like 6 days) and surgeries. Woohoo! I have nothing to report, other than the fact that Red has lost his tail-wrap approximately 6 times and it's been found, placed back on him, then he decides to rip it off again. Oh, horses. He's apparently itchy this week so he's getting a double "dose" of medicine and I feel like the worst owner ever because I'm not there to help.

So is the life of a teenaged equestrian without a car or license.

Spending the day wishing my horses were home, gawking over Christian Bale things with a friend while we finish a Batman story because why not. Also going to make matching Batman headstalls for me and a friend because, why not.

Basically only writing this to spam up y'alls feeds and to procrastinate while I should be finishing chapter 11 of Discovering Batman while my friend texts me nonstop telling me to actually finish this one.
I laughed way too hard at this
Because har har har.


  1. Yay for Christian Bale and Batman! :D Matching Batman headstalls, love it.

  2. I can't wait for you to have him at home! I love having my horse in my backyard. :D What medicine is Red getting right now for his itching?

    1. Right now he's on SWAT for the wounds that are already there, the listerine mix to prevent itching and MTG for hair growth :)

    2. Oh yeah!! Why do I keep forgetting about the listerine??? Grr! I need to write myself a note or order a new memory or something. I have to try that. I've been using Desitin a diaper rash ointment because the zinc helps heal, it stays on even when they sweat and it stops the flies from getting into the wound. I just put fly spray over it the top of it and it works great. :)