Help me!

Okay, so I'm looking at an English saddle on Craigslist at the moment and I'm not sure on sizing. The lady knows nothing about English because she just decided that she disliked it, I need help with this from y'all! She said that the bars are 7-8" wide...would that be good for a wider barreled horse like Red? Or too small/big???? Red's probably around 1,200 pounds or so and he's pretty muscular nowadays, 15.2hh...just not sure if that's even something y'all could help with online or not but worth a shot ;)


  1. You most likely need a MW for him... maybe a Wide but I doubt it. Measurements mean virtually nothing because each saddle is made differently.

  2. Only way to know is to try it on....7 or 8 inches dot to dot? That is reaaaaaaaaaaally wide.