I don't want Summer this year.

Well, we filed for rezoning the other day and got water put in on the property!

Good news is,
  • Putting the water in was WAY cheaper than we thought!
  • Everything is done, save for a few meetings.
Bad news...
  • The rezoning will take at least until October to finish, which means the horses will be home around October which was later than we were hoping. 
  • We are now poor. 
Is it bad that I, a teenaged girl in school, hates summer right now and just wants October to be here??? Because seriously - bring on the school work, I want my horse.


  1. Awww... that is quite a while to wait! What exactly does the rezoning do? Sorry to hear that though... :(

  2. Waiting sucks. But it will be here before you know it!