5 Months

We are, roughly, 5 months away until moving day. It will most definitely be in September (woot!) which is really cool because Red came to Tennessee and was dropped on my doorstep in September. It's so fitting that he's coming back home in the same month and I think it's a good sign. :) Our tack space (more like a tiny corner, haha!) was getting extremely cluttered. So of course, mom and I had an impromptu cleaning session and brought so. much. stuff. home. It would definitely be a pain to bring so much stuff home in a short period of time (we don't want to have to keep coming back and coming back after we move, nor do we want to lose something special.) so we brought home the spare stuff and kept only the necessities there.


What we brought home:

  • 3 western saddle pads.
  • 1 english saddle pad.
  • Riding gloves.
  • 2 sets of reins.
  • 4+ girths.
  • A sleazy.
  • Ear bonnet.
  • Lead rope. (We have like 15038448 at the barn right now..)
  • Breast collar. 
  • Fly mask. (We also have 67457457 fly masks.
And I still have my saddle, saddle pad, three halters (nylon, rope and leather) two lead ropes for myself, one for mom, bridles, extra pair of reins and more at the barn.  Um, I have an issue.....

But still. 5 months away and we'll be opening a new chapter. Crazy.

I meant to take a short little bareback ride today but the horses were back in the back pasture and not wanting to get caught. I could totally go out and get Red and Spirit, but the herd gets annoying/scary when you try to take a horse out. :P Sometime this week I'm going to ride tackless for a few minutes and hopefully get a trail ride in. I want to get Red in the round pen to work on my position -  maybe get mom to lunge him while I focus on my EQ.

On another note, I'm now sponsoring a little equine shop that makes bonnets, polos, reins and etc. They're making me an ear bonnet right now and I can't wait to get it - I basically just share their business on my instagram with 7.2k and they send me freebies. :D Free stuff is always good. Free horses, free tack, free errything.

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  1. Slowly cleaning things up will make it easier in the end :)