So, today I was discussing bridle options with mom as she half-listened and we were on our way to go get some tack that we found on Craigslist. (we are the best at finding deals.) She and I both agreed that the one-ear wasn't really working with us. The hack sat too loose on it, I didn't like that it didn't have a throatlatch and Red wasn't liking the thing on his ears, so I decided to go with old trust-worthy, the oldest bridle in all of the land. It was given to me along with Red and his hack and has been his bridle for probably 8+ years if not more. It's seen it's better days but it still works and with a little work and deep cleaning, it really did turn out nice, and I haven't even gotten the chance to polish the silver yet. This one is mom's favorite of my many headstalls, probably because its,
  1. Not ridiculously flashy or colorful.
  2. It's old. She likes old things. And cheap things.
  3. It's as western as a western bridle could possibly get. Mom does not like English (nothing against English riders, let's remember that she barrel raced all of her life, haha!) and she likes very western things. As do I.
Old faithful. My hands are yellow. Stupid saddle soap.
Better photo from almost a year ago...?

It's speshal.

So, by the time I had decided to use it, we arrived at the lady's house that had the tack. She had a gorgeous Arabian stud out in her yard "lawn-mowing" or so she said (har har) and it followed her every move. Went to go look in her tack and it started storming and hailing, so we made it quick, but I did manage to snag a sleazy hood for Red's mane (no rubbing manes this year!) for $10. In green. I always find green things...mom also got a halter for Cowboy and one for Spirit.

We ran away before we died from hail, went to go get dinner and then I randomly felt this urge to go to the barn and get my bridle now so I could switch it. I just had this gut feeling that we needed to go then, so we did. What do we see? Oh yeah. Just a tree.

On the fence.

With fencing knocked down.

And Spirit eyeballing it like, "Should I jump now?" Of course, it was the front pasture where all of the horses were, munching on hay. It also leads straight to the road. And it's storming. Thankfully, C and J were there to help mom and I get the tree out of the fence and get the fence fixed up. The neighbors showed up to help so I just herded the ponies away.

So yeah. Then they took off running when they were supposed to come to the barn because they heard a loud noise and got scared. I called for Red, he was like "MOM!!!" and ran to the gate, then they all followed. And I climbed back in the car. Soaked because of rain.

On a good note, fence is fixed, it's not raining anymore, my bridle is ready and we found babysitters, meaning my step-dad gets to go on his first ride with the crew. It'll be our last big ride together. :( So bittersweet!

(Also...Thank God that the horses are now CALM because green grass is not nice and makes horses insane.)


  1. Yipes! That would have been scary! Glad everything is okay now :)

    1. Yeah, I almost had a heart attack when I saw it! Thankfully my horse totally ignored it. ;)

  2. Someone I know had a tree fall on the fence surrounding the paddock next to the one her horse was in during a storm last year. Not fun! Glad everyone is okay though and hopefully that bridle works for you!

    1. Thank you! And I know it will. :) I call it old trustworthy, it never fails me, haha!

  3. Sometimes the old bridles are the best. I really like the look of that one! Its very western-y like you said. :D I'm glad you saw the fence in time and were able to fix it!

  4. Wow! Glad everyone is okay!! And that bridle is gorgeous!