Grass+Turnout=Insane Horses.

Fun fact! I was supposed to ride on Sunday evening. Um, yeah. That didn't happen. Went out to the barn, expecting horses to still be in the 4 acres (they were locked in there for a few days to due work outside) but they had been turned out on Thursday. They've been somewhat crazy since then due to the rich grass and just being able to run in the trails again and play more. They took one look at me and they all took off running. Needless to say, I was frustrated and ready to leave but then I noticed Bay-Bay hanging around and acting really lethargic. Mom and I thought she was about to colic or something. Checked her hooves for heat and listened for any stomach noises and judging by that, she was okay, but she wasn't wanting to pick. Finally, after about 45 minutes and one call to "A" to let her know, Red came back to go retrieve her and she went off with him.

I didn't ride, because if I were to go in that pasture, I would've been able to catch Red but I would've gotten trampled by other horses in the long-run. No thanks.

Basically just posting this to let everyone know I'm alive and having abandoned y'all or my horse.

Work on the property is going very well recently, the front pasture is almost completely fenced in, the barn will be put up probably in 2-3 weeks at the most, we're baling hay (anyone in Tennessee need some nice hay? Haha!) and mowing a lot. Aiming for them to be home in 3 or 4 months, which sounds crazy and amazing and scary haha!

Also having a barn party this Sunday, we're all riding then having dinner at "J's" house. Fun times!


  1. Eeeep! That grass can do crazy things to horses! :)

    Exciting that the horses will be coming home soon! I've only ever had my horses at home with me, and besides having to haul out for lessons and various things, it is the best thing ever. But it is a lot of work... :)

    1. Especially when they were locked up for a few weeks, haha!

      Definitely a lot of work but so worth it! :)