No More Studs!

Okay, I have a lot of things to cover in this post!

First off, Cowboy and Halfpint are officially geldings! We gelded them on Monday and they are doing very well. Halfpint had a rough first day but Cowboy has pretty much been perfect ever since the sedation wore off. Halfpint acted up a bit for the vet since it was his first vet visit, but Cowboy was awesome. Yay for geldings! Praying that Cowboy starts acting nicer soon because he was really starting to act studly.

It was really interesting to watch, in a gross, weird way. My two oldest nephews who live across the street came over because the oldest wants to be a vet and the younger of the two just likes gross things, haha! The vet explained everything to them in a kid-friendly way and they loved the experience. They also enjoyed being able to be near the horses when they were conked out on the ground because they got the chance to get close and look at everything without us worrying about the horses acting up. Two mini studs aren't super trustworthy quite yet, haha!

As of right now, we're just working on keeping them clean, comfortable and medicated!

On May 10th, if the weather is good, I'll be having a big shindig with some friends over at the barn before my birthday on the 14th, and then "J" is having a birthday party for, wait for it, his horses, either in late May or early June, so lots of fun things planned for this year!

In sadder news, one of my best friends just got bad news on her mare, Glory. I'll try to keep you all updated as much as I can, but it's looking like she's going to be a pasture mate for a few years if not for the rest of her life, with very little to no riding because of ringbone and lamintis. If any of you all have tips for her, throw them at me and I'll send them her way! She appreciates all the thoughts and prayers.

Also...a new horse may be coming our way within the year! But more news on that when it's set in stone, until then..y'all will have to wait!


  1. Oh my! I just read an article in Horse Illustrated(or Practical Horseman, I forget)about gelding stallions.

  2. Cool that they are geldings now. Happy early birthday, too. Hopefully your friend gets some good news on her horse.

  3. poor glory , im going through the same thing with montana :( , thepaintingpony's pony has the same thing too and she got special shoes that help but didn't impact her horse , montanas barefoot and getting supplements that helps strengthen joints and hooves for senior horses

  4. Re: laminitis - get the horse off spring and autumn grass when sugars are highest and watch overall intake of grass. Limiting the amount of sugars (this goes for feed too!!) will help. Saiph over at waitingforthejump.blogspot.com just had a laminitic flare up with her mare Lily. Great information over on her blog about how she has managed it.