New look!

Every so often, I like to update the blog's look and change some things around. So today, while I'm Instagramming/babysitting/waiting for storms to pass, I updated the layout! I still have some more work to do but I like it so far!

Now onto a real post about things y'all care about, haha!

The front pasture in our new farm is officially almost fenced in! There are barb wire fences on the property which we hate, but we can't afford to get new fencing all around, so we are knocking it out as we can and replacing it with tall horse fencing. Very safe for them and there's no way that Spirit could jump it...if he did..I'm turning him into my english pony. We opted to use horse fencing throughout 99.9% of that pasture so it's much safer, since it's near the road. We also made a fence directly in front of a barb wire fence which is in front of the road, so if Spirit managed to jump it, there is another barrier. We've cleaned out the area that our outdoor arena will be, and that was completely woodland just a few days ago!


We also enjoyed a nice sunset while we worked on the barn area, which is now clean and ready to start closing in! The huge pile of garbage and parts from the old farmhouse next to the barn is also gone.

Can you imagine taking a nice bareback ride around this time of day, watching the sun set?

We also cleared some trails out for the horses, you can walk all the way down to our backyard fence area where the goats are, but it's a bit scary still. But, it was completely full of trees and nasty briar bushes so it's better than nothing!
You can keep going straight and go to our backyard area. :)

And here is some more cleared land, near the arena/barn area that was completely grown out.


And let me just say this-we are blessing beyond measure to have the neighbors that we have. We are paying them for their work, but we are saving so much money and time, purely because they have good hearts and work hard. This is what I love about living in the country, everybody helps everybody. :) We are currently aiming for the horses to be home by October'ish, that's a very rough estimate but it will be before Winter. We've gotten so much done in a very short period of time! We still have this list of things to do....
  • Finish fencing in front pasture.
  • Clean up more woodland.
  • Get property rezoned.
  • Build run-in stalls.
  • Get water put in.
  • Hopefully finish building most of, if not all, of the barn.

It's still surreal, but it won't be as surreal once we start paying bills. We have to cut down on a lot of spending but it'll be worth it!


  1. Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog! I've added you to my list and can't wait to read more :)

  2. Cool! Before long you can move the horses in. Also, I love your new design.

  3. Nice new look :)
    It's so nice having a property 'to-do list' that you can check off over time.

  4. Seems like it is coming together very quickly!

  5. Sounds neat! How big will your arena be? I love arenas! Roundpens are really handy too!

    1. I have no idea on the exact dimensions but pretty much the typical size of a smaller outdoor. :)