The Only Cure Is Horses.

So. Woke up yesterday with blurred vision and a monster headache and knew that I'd be cooped inside a dark room for the majority of the day...then yay, I remember the farrier is due to be out! While normally, I look forward to farrier visits, now...not so much. Thankfully the worst of the headache was gone and by 2 I didn't feel like death and vomit. Got back up to get ready and my head still pounded but left anyways, got Spirit sedated (oh joys of crazy ponies) and he obviously did good as soon as the needle hit a vein and he got to lay on mom's shoulder.
Spirit says what in the world just happened and why does he feel sleepy!

Got him shoed on the fronts like before and trimmed a little, the farrier said his hooves look better than he's seen them so far and he was impressed. Woot!

While this was happening, I went in to groom Red out and get his blanket off. I swear, every time I see him, my heart just swells up more.
"Hello mom! Look I have something on my face....I think it's shavings. It's nasty. Ew. Gimme a treat."

Walked in and he walked over to me, promptly wrapped his head around me like usual and shoved his dirty nose right on my jacket. Thanks, Redhead. I appreciate it.

Picked his hooves out, assessed his tangled mane and tail and sprayed some detangler in it and brushed out the worse parts and just chilled out with him for awhile. He was apparently in a social mood and wherever I went, he was following. Moving off very nicely still with the Dumor, not stiff at all and way more eager to move. I don't have to tug him around. Farrier thought he was moving much nicer and his weight was in a much better place and he was far more muscular since last time he saw him, and he didn't even see him in the "okay you are way too fat" stage. ;)
Top photo from about 4 weeks ago and bottom from yesterday.

Once Spirit was done I went ahead and brought a very cold Red out, he's just now starting to get fuzzy, stupid bipolar weather.
Spirit's starting to gain weight nicely now.


Red did perfect, got trimmed of course, stood like a champ and was way better with picking up his hooves and not leaning to much on me or the farrier which leads me to believe the Dumor is definitely working well.

Once we were done, Red went back inside and got some treats for being good. Spirit got none because he was still very sleepy and would probably choke himself. ;)

Red and his part-time girlfriend.

That's cute, Annabelle.

Big head himself.

ALSO I wanted to talk on an older subject, I posted a video of Red trotting tackless to get opinions and some people made a comment on possibly needing a chiro because his tail goes to the side, for some reason the actual problem completely left my mind. Red's tail was completely broken in a cattle shoot at the auction he was at around 4 or 5 years old and while it doesn't cause him any pain, it does set to the side because it was never properly assessed. I've had the vet check it out and she said it looks fine medically speaking but physically, until he gets a nice long tail up there to cover it, it will always look a little funky. Now, with that being said, eventually I would love to get a chiro out just to even things out. He doesn't necessarily need it at the moment so I'm waiting until it's more needed,  but I would like to have one at least check him out. After all, what pony doesn't love a good massage? Spirit probably needs it more than Red, so soon, that will happen. For now....the ponies will have to wait until we aren't broke or until they actually really need it.

BIG snow is coming this week which means I may be snowed in without power at the house so no clue on what my schedule is. The weekend should be good as long as I'm not stuck. ;)


  1. Looks like you did well getting Red back to a good weight.

  2. No!!!! Snow!!!! (Sorry, just so tired of the snow! lol)

  3. I've tried the chiro with wiz and it didn't do much aside from the acupuncture! But it's 100 for the chiro and an extra 25 for the acupuncture so no thanks... I'm having a massage therapist work on wiz before so pines and it's 85. I'll let you know if it makes a difference ;)

    And I use to have massive headaches all the time (turned out to be issues with my neck) so bad that I couldn't go to school or work- but then I'd go to the barn and be fine haha! endorphines :)