BIG news.

Well....just to let y'all know, the Haflinger was a bust. Turns out she is 13.2, NOT 14.2 like we were told and that's way too small, oh well.

But here is my  big news....

We are planning on buying acreage to move the horses HOME instead of  boarding! Know what that means??? I'd see the horses every single day and it would be more affordable in the long run. We're working out kinks and trying to see if they would separate a little and sell us 10 acres, but there is a possibility of us buying 20 acres. The acreage has nice pastures, an apple orchid, some trails I believe and some nice hills for hill work. If we were to get it, we'd probably end up with a 3rd larger horse and possibly a couple more mini's depending on how we feel.

So...crossing my fingers!


  1. Too bad about the Haflinger, but buying some land sounds awesome!

  2. Wow, sounds exciting! Hope it works out!

  3. Sounds amazing! I so wish my mom liked horses! :D

  4. So exciting! How nice to see the horses every single day! Very cool!

  5. Oh, I do hope that works out for you!! What a blessing that would be! =)