My Horsey Wishlist for 2014

So, for it just being January, I've gotten a lot of horsey stuff done that I had been putting off, other than riding. I rode on New Years and that was the last time because of stupid weather. And I didn't even ride my horse then. :P But I'm riding tomorrow. ;) I was gonna ride on Friday but woke up with a horrible migraine like I posted about earlier. It was still here today  but it seems to be easing off.

Before I start on the actual post, I want to update everyone on Red. He's doing MUCH better!! No stiffness in the past 5 or so days as it's gotten warmer, woohoo!! "A" and "J" said he was running laps with Bay-Bay the last two times they've been out to feed up in the 4 acres. Much better. Apparently he was a stubborn mule today but that's nothing unusual. Red, despite how far he's come along, will probably always have a bit of mule in there. I blame it on his big ears.

Anyways, since buying a new saddle made me realize that I actually HAD to buy something else-new pad!-I decided to put a ton of stuff, well, not a ton, on craigslist and facebook, and get some cash back in my pocket so I could buy some of the necessities without completely emptying my wallet. :))

I sold a black barrel pad, pending pickup, for $40 and I'm still selling my red neoprene pad (any takers? lol!) for $40 as well, that'll give me more than enough for a new pad plus a couple random little things I need. I have a purple built up pad that will work fine but I'm not a huge fan of how the wool is, it always makes Red sweat like crazy.

So, while I'm on a tack spree right now, I wanted to do a post on my horsey wishlist for 2014, including the stuff I've actually been able to check off.

Roping Saddle.

Obviously that's checked off.That was the most far-fetched item on my list because of how expensive they typically are...but, I obviously remedied that. 
New Built Up Saddle Pad. This is a must for the new saddle because of how stinkin' heavy it is. (I weighed it, almost 60lbs, no joke. I weigh 110. I don't know how I'm gonna lift that thing on my tall horse, LOL.) There's a couple I'd love to have, but I'll only post 2. ;)

Southwestern Saddle Pad with Fleece Lining, from horse.com. No idea why the text is so huge. :))

Mustang Felt Contoured Western Roper pad, from Stateline Tack. Would be ideal for my more classy pad.
New headstall. Preferably a 1 or 2 ear.
From Riata Leather.
 New leather hack so I can have more than one bridle.
Unknown source.
New pair of splint boots. Red's are kinda dingy and I'd like a new color...maybe purple? To match his purple pad...idk. :))
Devon-Aire Front Splint Boots
From Dover.
Now, for my personal, for the human list. ;) 
Trail riding jeans. Puh-lease?
Breeches for western riders. ;) From Trail Riders Jeans.
 A pair of chaps for future rodeos/shows and for super duper cold weather.
Unknown source.
A few nice button up's for riding. I almost never ride in short sleeves because, uh, scary trails=scratched arms, and I love the button up's for winter/summer.
THE Shirt by Goode Rider. Love it!    #equestrian #apparel
 Lastly, a nice warm vest.
Ariat Hadley Vest. Perfect color and weight for fall...
Ariat. This will do!
I'll probably only get the pad and a couple smaller items for me because I'm dead broke and I hate spending....but it's nice to look around sometimes. :))


  1. I have that exact pair of purple boots from Dover that won't work for Ashke. Used once. Want them?

    1. Um, yes! What size are they?

    2. That would probably work. Could you email me? Superspecialninja@gmail.com

  2. Shopping for horse > shopping for normal clothes!

  3. Omg I wish they had those "breeches for western riders" when I rode western!! Also, that is one thing I don't miss about western riding... how heavy the saddles were!! Lol!