Can I marry this saddle??

I was gonna ride today but then, woke up with blurry vision and felt sick to my stomach-sure enough, I got a migraine! I was sick in bed until about 1, still don't feel good but much better. So, as soon as I was able, I hopped on facebook and randomly decided to place an ad on one of the facebook sites for a roping saddle. I've been looking very casually for one that I could trade my barrel for and was getting impatient, so I posted. Hours went by. Nada, no responses. THEN about 15 people came on, calling and messaging me. Met with a lady who I ended up knowing, we bought a goat from her awhile back, and traded my Circle A barrel saddle for a CUSTOM MADE BUFFALO SADDLERY ROPING SADDLE.

Cue the "ooh's and ah's".

She showed me where she bought it from and the custom saddles, actually made from the real maker and NOT from a factory, retails for up to $1,000. I won't even pay $300 for a saddle because I'm an el cheapo. Let me give y'all a history on my saddles, shall we?
Please don't comment on my EQ :)))))
First saddle:

No clue on what brand it was, bought at a pawn shop for about $40 with the matching pad, given to my mom when she was around 20 years old (she's 50 now) and sat in storage until we got Red less than 2 years ago. Worth about $40, LOL.

Second saddle:

We got this saddle when we traded our mini mare for it after I got Red. The man gave it to us and Barbie ended up with a perfect home....I didn't end up with a perfect saddle. ;) It was a Double T 14 inch, nice to look at, retailed for about $300 but SO uncomfortable it wasn't even funny. I suffered with it for a few months until I traded it for my mom's saddle, which was gonna be mine but then I hated it. :))) 


Third saddle:

The first saddle that I ever really loved. :)) A 15 inch Circle A, very comfy and super nice. Retailed about about $750 to $800 on some sites, the nicest thing I'd had by far. I bought it for $125 along with the barrel pad that retails by itself for up to $200. Good deal. ;) 
 Fourth saddle:

The saddle I just got. Yep, moving up in the world!

Hard work pays off. I haven't spent over $125 on my saddles and now I have, by far, the nicest saddle at my whole barn. I would NEVER have gotten such a nice saddle because I could never afford it. I'd have to sell my horse, LOL. Like I said. Hard work pays off. ;) Very happy, lol. 
David approves!


  1. I thought I'd ask you why you didn't like your double t barrel saddle. I was thinking about buying one but I've read some negative things about them. Right now I'm stuck with a no brand synthetic and one of the fenders (I think lol) is broken. Pretty much anything is better than that lol. Anyway I was gonna buy one from chicks saddlery but I'd like some opinions before I actually buy one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. It could've been because it was a little small, but I've sat in other Double T's that I'm not a fan of. The seat was just very uncomfortable and the saddle was really stiff. I personally wouldn't buy a saddle off of Chicks if you can keep from doing so, it's a lot better to buy a saddle that you see. Plus, a lot of Chick's saddles are synthetic and/or factory made and a little cheaper and not quite as nice. Before you buy it, take a look at Craigslist, look up some Facebook sites in your area (That's how I found mine!) and see what people have for sale. If you search on facebook "Equine sales" and then where you live and etc, you'll probably find a lot, plus you'll probably end up paying less for a better saddle than what you'd get from an online store. Hope that helps!

    2. Ok thanks! I was looking at one last night, I might go take a look! I am pretty new to all of this:) thanks again!

  2. Roping saddles are definitely my favorite western saddle to sit in. Glad you finally got one you really like!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to ride in it, lol!

  3. That looks like an amazing saddle! Just a piece of advice - you should never buy a saddle before making sure it fits your horse comfortably first. The fit of the saddle on your horses back should be the main thing you look for in a saddle even if you do have to spend a little extra.

  4. Nice saddle! I know nothing about western saddles, very interesting!