I have another post under construction about our ride yesterday, but first, I may have found a saddle!! I haven't heard of the brand-it's a TSI-but I looked up reviews and everyone seemed to like them. It's an all purpose, $80, comes with pad, bridle and girth. Told ya that saddles go cheap here, lol!!!

 Since I'm like, the king of hoarding saddle pads and English pads are much cheaper than Western, I'll probably pick up another one on Chicks Saddlery depending on how much spending money I have left. I'm going to see if she'll meet me because she's a little ways away. I may ask if she'll take less because honestly, what's the worst thing that she'll say? I'll take it for the 80, but if I can have it for less, I'll take it for less. ;)

 It has a wide gullet, she said it fit her 17HH warmblood, which is good because Red is, ya know, fat. I texted her a few minutes ago so I'm excited. Now, time to find a cute pad. ;)

These are currently in my mental shopping cart:
Ribbon Piped All-Purpose Saddle Pad
I like the quilted, but in Navy.

English Trail Saddle Pad
These are SUPER cool for trails but over my price range at the moment. Maybe later in red!!

TuffRider All-Purpose Saddle Pad
I like this with the blue trim.
Equine Couture Damask English All Purpose Pad
I LOVE this in lime.
I'd love to get one embroidered later on. Maybe with his name or AQHA. I could get a solid red or white one for that. I'm loving the cheaper prices of tack in the English world. :)) Hopefully I can get the saddle this week so I can start working him with it on this weekend.

Farrier's out today, post is in the making for our ride but I may wait to post it until I hear from the lady with the saddle so I can update everyone. I took measures yesterday so I know what width size and etc I need. Luckily Red has fit literally every Western saddle I've put on him and my aunt said he was the same with English. I mean, if it doesn't fit, I can just re-sell and keep the pad and bridle. :)) I think right now the worst case scenarios are either-

  • Saddle doesn't fit, I resell and keep pad and bridle
  • Girth doesn't fit, I buy new girth.
  • Saddle is falling apart and I hate it. (Which I don't think will happen judging by the photos but you honestly never know)

I'm excited!

(PS: if y'all know of a good cheap place online to buy pads, let me know.)


  1. What seat size is it? You want to make sure it's sized for you too otherwise you won't feel secure in it at all. Also, what's the brand?

    1. The lady said it was a TSI all-purpose. :) It's a 17 inch so it's the size I need!

    2. You need a 17" seat? You look way smaller than that. I use a 16" and have a bugger bumm than you do (I have short legs though). Just double check. It is a great deal. Worst case, if it doesn't work you re sell it!

    3. I looked up the size differences in English and Western and it said to add 2 inches to my Western seat, which is 15, so I guess I do!! But like you said, if it doesn't work, I can just resell and maybe make money off of it! :)

  2. I've never heard of TSI, so can't comment on that front. But when you do get it, make it fits through the withers and back. This website has some basic fitting info: http://www.smartpakequine.com/saddles-691pc?ck=m#fitting

    1. Thanks for the link!! I've watched a few saddle fit videos to help out. I think it'll fit but definitely better safe than sorry!

  3. I love Smartpaks saddle pads.. they are inexpensive and are made well! I have a few of them and would totally recommend :)

    1. I'll have to look them up!! I really want a nice one but I can't stomach paying sooo much for one. Even if I found one for like $50+, it'll still be way cheaper than a Western one, though, lol!!

  4. Replies
    1. I was so excited when my BM sent me the link to it!

  5. Awesome :) Hope it works out.